Paranoid Thoughts You Have At A Party

Paranoid Thoughts You Have At A Party With Allison Raskin
Paranoid Thoughts You Have At A Party
Published on 11/23/2017
Paranoid Thoughts You Have At A Party
With Allison Raskin


Introverts Unite!!!....separately
Solution: Stay Home. Hot Drinks. Netflix. Wifi. No Judgment Zone.
"I gotta make sure I don't get too drunk tonight and embarrass myself!!!"
*gets too drunk and embarrasses self*
"Seriously who would hang out with her.... IT"
This pretty much sums up how I feel when I go to anything...
The anxiety to remember someone's name and not immediately forget is SO REAL.
....I never think any of this stuff. she must have some anxiety issues
Seriously how I am at parties but the name thing is so real for me 😭😭😭
damn first one to commet
Yup this is me, this is why I don't go out most of the time lol
You seriously arent going tostay for my party? : feels guilty and stays for the entire party, helps clean up, and takes out garbage because i dont wanna feel like a bad friend:
This video should be call "How introverts feel at party" or "How people with social anxiety feel about parties"
Well if she actually drank she wouldn't be so paranoid and actually relax and have a good time...
and then theres me whom just DOESNT go to parties x'D even when its at my own place i go hide in my room lolol
Don't go where you feel uncomfortable.
curtir video que vc compartilhue
I like parties
This is why I'd rather stay home lol
Am I the only one who wouldn't except an open drink
Am I the only one who was bothered about rude, obnoxious, and insolent the party guests were.
lmao chit-chat with strangers! ;P
Story of my life
I usually wonder who the creep is going to be and how I can avoid him
parties are boring
This party sucks. She should be too gone to be paranoid
Pliny the elder in the background! Woot woot
this is how i feel in public in general
Dang... all those people at the end... they've obviously never experienced what tired feels like... they aren't human...
"Who would hang out with her?... It" poor Alyson XD
No one thinks these things at a party. #no
This is how I know I'm an ambivert. I only half relate
I don't even go to parties. But this video made me anxious
I hate parties everyones on their phones no talking at all.
OMG Niiiiiick!!! ^_^ I looooove you <3 Please put him in more videos BuzzFeed!!
Yea. Uh. Nope. I dont go to parties.
Allison why u so adorable 😭
Can't stand people like that smh, the world doesn't revolve around you!
I'm so extroverted I even annoy myself sometimes and I don't like or go to parties. LOL! There are typically too many people crammed into a small space and it's just UGH!!!
Allison needs to chill her boobies
So true! Lol
Did they really have to be assholes about it
The last scene... I've lived it 😳
Are you kidding? I would grab her ass like a bowling ball and kiss her full face.
this nick guy is an asshole in every video lol i hated him in that sex before a breakup video
Now someone understands Social Anxiety.
Most of it is me, i guess lol thats why i dont go to party much :D home is a safer place, safest rather lol
Please read my story n share.
i never liked parties anyways having anxiety whenever i go.. i don't like crowded people and socialize lol

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