Organic Vs. Conventional Fruit: Can People Tell The Difference?

Organic Vs. Conventional Fruit: Can People Tell The Difference?
Organic Vs. Conventional Fruit: Can People Tell The Difference?
Published on 10/19/2017
Organic Vs. Conventional Fruit: Can People Tell The Difference?


They think that we think that these ones are probably organic 😂😂😂
It's not about taste, it's about not putting pesticides and other unknown chemicals into your body.
Organic fruit that is in season tastes the best.
Okay so the important thing here though is which one is better for your body
Ya'll realize that organic farms use pesticides, right? and that some of them are worse for you? Yeah, don't form an opinion while being ignorant.
Blackberries from the side of the road are 100 times better then conventional.
Excuse me, @buzzfeed. How does one go about applying to be a part of your videos? As a matter of fact, how does one go about becoming a part of the buzzfeed team? You see, I am EXTREMELY qualified to make silly jokes, and voice my quirky opinions. I'm also a master at taste testing. I think I'd make a great part of your team. However, I do not have a college degree in anything. Will that affect my chances? Lol -Kelsey Scott
This is the stupidest thing you ever posted. Can you see DNA/RNA? It's not the taste. It is the nutrient value and pesticide residue. Can't "see" carbon monoxide either but it will still fucking kill you in the end.
Now the important thing is apparently I've been peeling a banana wrong my whole life lol.
I have a vegetable and fruit garden, I don't use anything to get rid of pests, weeds, or critters. Best of all I pick it and eat it within minutes to days and I know where it's been (my yard) and who has touched it (me). I know it doesn't qualify as organic but it's fresh and chemical free.
My kids and I will eat carrots, parsley, beans, mint, peas, and basil standing in the garden.
It's awesome.
The moral of the story is the organic food tastes the worst! LMAO, that's funny
"Organic" as a label is a crock of shit. Gives people big heads for eating it like their some sort of superior mother fucker to the rest of society.
They are so used to the wrong taste they don't know what a real tasting fruit should be like
The issue here is not whether it tastes good, NOR whether there are (minimal) levels of chemicals. (Btw, we naturally have a certain level of toxic chemicals in our body, you would have to drink pesticide in order to increase those levels to a deadly level.) The issue is ignorant people expect other people to grow their food for them without chemicals, fertilizers, and altered DNA, yet somehow meet the demand for an overpopulated world. We cannot feed an overpopulated world with perfect food. If you want organic, quit being ignorant and lazy, and GROW IT YOURSELF. It's not hard and it tastes great. And if you don't want go grow it yourself, be responsible. Wrap your tool, or just be abstinent, and stop contributing to the overpopulation of the earth.
All bananas are GMO. This doesn't necessarily mean they were modified in a lab. Breeding plants for certain characteristics still makes them GMO.
Certified organic is an organization like rain forest alliance... If you pay for it you can call your product that. As well bananas are all the same. Pesticide is used on them all. Chemically treated seeds and even GMO seeds are used in "organic" farming. It's all about money. Growing up with "organic" farms next to mine was an eye opener. They could use the same chemo ally treated seeds as us but they pay into the organization to get their product labeled "Organic" so don't kid yourself.
You might not tell the difference but your body will.. Just wait.... Juuuust wait..
Well I object! Because black berries taste way better organic and right off the bush. Here I will show you *walks out side to a random bush* see. Amazing!!!
My body sure noticed a difference when I went organic.
A banana is a clone. Let's all learn about GMO before discussing GMO!
Conventionally grown foods and organically grown foods do not have significantly different nutritional values.
how can bananas be organic?? Every banana on earth is genetically modified from the original bananas that were full of seed. They were all clones of each other too.
Organic foods taste better imo. 💁
"Organic" is nothing more than getting people to spend more money on something that isn't any more beneficial for their health, but makes them believe that it is. Great marketing for mushminds.
I mean, they may taste similar, but one might give you cancer or something.
The belief that healthy food tastes worse is still alive
The moral of our story is organic food tastes the worst >_<
It is about the taste and about the health! I've eaten organic food almost exclusively and also I live from organic vegetables and fruit as my mother is a organic farmer and business woman and I can tell you with all assurance that conventional fruit and vegetables not only have almost no health benefits as it's mainly water and no flavour at all! It makes me extremelly sad that people are so used to eating chemicals that they can't even appreciate good food. Also since I began having this diet my well being and health have increased immensely and a lot of people with cancer or such have began eating organic because it's the chemicals in conventional that absolutely destroy your organism!
I'd rather not have bugs in my food and enjoy it more taste wise than be picky and pay more for some organically grown, smaller yielding food.
Okay, let's make this clear. There is now, no longer anything as Organic foods. BECAUSE crops and livestock have been modified starting back when humans learn to grow food. For instance, it is now known that corn can not be grown without human assistance. And the original corn is ungrowable. Cattle and hogs, we're breed to produce more and better meat. If you want what is "organic" then you would have to live in a completely different time period where you would actually be less healthy and have a chance at not even making it into your team years. Now today organic means using seeds and products that are deemed organic. Which means that they can use pesticides and other chemicals but are "approved" which really takes the meaning out or organic doesn't it? If you want to keep these things out of your body, learn how to wash and prepare your food properly. Because either way your getting these put into your body. But the amazing thing about humans, is we adapt. We can not be hurt by these things, because your baby food was produced with pesticides too. Even your family ate this stuff. Your immune to it. What can hurt you most, is you and how you don't take care of the fruits, veggies, and meats you buy.
Allison complains SO MUCH holy fuck
Besides, it should really be called 'conventional food' and 'the bad shitty stuff'. I mean, really!
Humans have been genetically modifying food for centuries. Farmers have been cross-pollinating crops and growing the ones that have the aesthetics and yields that are the most coveted. Modern day "organic"and "modified" foods only pertain to the lab experiments that have been brought into the light. I do think that we can cut out the harsh chemical pesticides, herbicides and growing agents and still produce beautiful, healthy food in the amounts that are needed.
Organic fruit always taste better!!! It taste like what fruit is supposed to taste like! 🍎🍏🍊🍋🍒🍇🍇🍓🍑🍌🍐🍍 yumm
Wow didnt think you guys wold sell out to Monsanto but hey were all wrong sometimes.
I did a test by grabbing two apples and letting them rest on my table for months, the organic apple rot for a week the non organic rot in 3 months. What would you eat something that is natural or something that you have no idea what they put in the apple?
Bought into the organic and free range thing once upon a time. Didn't notice a damn difference outside of the cost. Just eat as healthy as you can afford, ignore the health snobs and chances are you'll be alright.
Can I just say how happy I am that most of the people in this video peeled their bananas the RIGHT way?? FROM THE BOTTOM LIKE A MONKEY Y'ALL.
You do not need to buy organic if it has an exterior peel.
Shouldnt the organic be called conventional? Technically organic is the original conventional food. Just sayin.
I've switched to organic bananas and 2 things I have noticed. They don't go bad as quickly. I can literally have then nearly 2 weeks longer than conventional before they get really bad. Also they seem to taste sweeter.
Not true in jamaica we eat organic fruits all the time! We literally pick fruits off the tree that grew in our backyard and eat it and they are awesome!! Jamaican apple is much different from those apples in it taste way better
Tell that to my 2 yr old...we've tried to give him conventional produce when we were trying to save money and he wouldn't touch it. Maybe try giving it to small children that have only eaten organic and try and give them conventional.
They should have done strawberries. Organic (home grown) strawberries are the juciest fruit you'll ever eat.
Bottom line...who can afford it? !
okay im not crazy. i recognized the music from my childhood, and here it is
You might need to be on a desktop?
pretty bummed out that there is not a single piece of informative information in this entire video
"Which apple is organic?" "can't tell they were all frozen for a while and taste like apple flavored sawdust"

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