One Unexpected Reason Coming Out Is Hard

One Unexpected Reason Coming Out Is Hard
One Unexpected Reason Coming Out Is Hard
Published on 11/19/2017
One Unexpected Reason Coming Out Is Hard


The mom knows!
A school in my county, thankfully not mine, banned same sex couples from prom last year. It sucks living in such a close-minded area.
As a Christian I love all equally and it is NOT my place to judge. I do not have either a heaven or a hell to put someone in and we ALL fall short of the glory of God. SMH.
Exactly how it starts. 7 years later still haven't told my mom ugh! Lol
Now make one with two men making out and watch the haters flock.
Cute story though, would love a video series of this Buzzfeed!
Accurate. Reminds me of that tumblr post about a girl's mom not letting boys over for her sleepover but she's lesbian
Wont Lie ... Like 2 min in when they started making out. I immediately thought "THAT'S RIGHT BUZZFEED ABOUT DAMN TIME YOU STEPPED THE VIDEOS UP!"
No. I need another one! the suspense is killing me!
That crotch close up was so wrong!!!
Wait. What's the unexpected reason? I'm lost. Is it because your girlfriend gets to stay the night every night with no questions asked? Or telling your parents?
As a lesbian ... poorly acted, badly written, exploitative, and too long. Ick. So many stereotypes masked as "normalcy".
So many people bashed on the trans video but all I see are tumble weeds when it comes to lesbians. Double standards much?
I want a girlfriend too :D
uuggghhh i never kiss like that with my bestfriend :3 :3
"Ey, don't hate" hahahaha
lol I want a girl friend
"One unexpected reason why coming out is hard" are you kidding me? Parents approval is the top most cliche reasons why its hard.
This provided absolutely zero reasons why coming out can be hard...
This. Is. Amazing.
Does it bother anyone else that her hangers don't match?😩😂
At the end of the day, they'll still be judging us and our decisions. But it's our life, we can do everything with it.
LOVE IT! Reminds me of my first. Haha
Awww I wanna gf!!!!
Coming out is a challenge, being Latina makes it twice as hard. I wish I would've had the guts to do it in my teenage years and not in my twenties, once you come out, you do go through a lot but nothing is worse than pretending to be someone you're not.
Enough with the gay shit Buzzfeed. You have reached the monthly limit.
I love when zach said "aye don't hate" 😂😂😂
Biracial gay couples we are the best 😍
Maggie is gorgeous 😍
Zack Attack is awesome. Remember that one coffe shop guy who changed the universe for Zach Attack?
Hey BuzzFeed! You should do a video about why sometimes you get scared to ride a roller coaster! The reason why is because i am very scared to ride my first roller coaster i want to ride cheetah hunt for my first roller coaster! But everytime i get on a ride "any ride" i sometimes just get there and back out and just walk away but i still am very tempted to do the ride.... Can you do a video to make me not scared of my first roller coaster! Please! If anyone sees this comment make sure to tag buzzfeed to let them know! 😊
So... Are we acting like girls don't go to prom together all the time? Or was my school just really cool?
I don't really get why you have to come out if gay/lesbian etc but you don't have to tell your parents if your straight it's a bit stupid
Which part was the unexpected part?
Also the mum keeps shutting the door, she knows, that's why my mum always knocked on my door when I was going through this part of life.
Georgina Stafford
My parents took it okay I thought I was gonna die because Mexicans parents are very judgmental but they said its okay we love you no matter what :)
I love seeing love. No matter what kind it is. I am a straight woman with 3 kids and a husband. But seeing two men in love, two women in love, biracial couples, whatever the case may be, it melts my heart. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I hate when I comment on something.. Get a reply...then can't find my comment
This video is just an excuse to show two chicks making out. Well played Buzzfeed, well played.
That green bulge... can I ask it to prom? lol
haha this was so true in high long as we were "just friends" we had all the alone time in the world lmao
yeah, like Mom doesn't know!!
so did they go to prom??
I respect equal rights Gays and lesbians and straight it's not a choice it's who we are u cant choose to be u just have to know u are or not I respect that it's what's in side the person that counts...
Aww my heart smiled! Love it, but he need to see their love unfold!
Lmao I wish I had a gf to make out with me when I get mad xD
Buzzfeed needs to make a TV series like Skins or Degrassi. Like a teenage, young adult drama show following the lives of people, like this couple.
All the reason u need really ugh
Cute. ☺️
lol cute
lol is this porn?

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