One Thing Americans Shouldn’t Say To British People

One Thing Americans Shouldn’t Say To British People cc: BuzzFeed UK
One Thing Americans Shouldn’t Say To British People
Published on 12/11/2017
One Thing Americans Shouldn’t Say To British People
cc: BuzzFeed UK


"I laugh at Americans when I don't hear it." Best part.
It doesn't matter what you call them, NO ONE should be wearing them anyway
'I laugh at Americans when I DONT hear the joke'
Daaaaaaaaaamn I see how it is lmao
Fuck her right in the fanny!!!
You'd get the same reaction in Australia.
I know this is meant as comedy, but some of them come off as douchebags...
oh man... lol I wish they posted more words not to say.
Right, because a "bum" pack sounds so much better?! lol. I figured what "fanny" meant while I lived in the UK. Couldn't understand how fanny = vagina, but a lot of things are named weirdly in the UK when you're an American, but stilled loved every minute of it.
"I laugh at Americans when I don't hear it." ....ok it's on you gapped tooth grizzly Adams looking little twat lol
At least we don't call cigarettes fags and say cheers every 5 words. And bum bag?
I lived in the UK for 5 years. There are lots of examples like this. Pants mean underwear there. They say trousers instead.
But if you're wearing a fanny pack you deserve to be laughed at, regardless of what that phrase means!
It's annoying that Europeans are always finding a way to put down Americans nowadays.
I still like British people and their accents 😍
makes me want to go to the UK and run around screaming "fanny pack". I think that would be hilarious!! hahahahaha 😂😂
Jeeeez! I can't believe how offended people are getting! It's a JOKE! You can laugh at at something without being malicious. Plus it was an American asking the question knowing exactly what the English will say! No need to bring up wars and 'they'd be speaking German if wasn't for us' - we are the ones which get dragged into every war America starts...I hope our Tornadoes were a help with ISIS this week and the pilots weren't 'douchbags'.
It's the brits, who cares what they think?
and they carry "fags" in their "bum bag" ... nice.
Fuck the UK fanny pack 4 life G
Well duh we call it a fanny pack, because only pussies wear them! Mercia
I lived in England long ago, and was engaged to a British man. I spent a lot of time at his parents house with him. One day I told his very energetic mum that she had a lot of spunk. After she got over the shock, she explained that in England spunk meant sperm. Holy lost in translation Batman!
I read this post on tumblr about a girl who moved to the US from Britain, and her teacher told her "Get your fanny over here!" and mortified her for life.
Lol. That guy. "I laugh at Americans when I don't hear it."
Pack her right in the fanny! USA USA
I just love all these haters here how the brit are so this and that AMERICANS PLEASE SHHH nobody cares 😂😂😂
There just drinking in the park... England here I come!!:p
LOL...he said "I laugh at Americans when I don't hear it!"
Not impressed. I used to like the Brits. Now I'm not so sure
you know the difference between the yanks and the brits? the yanks think they are the greatest nation on earth and have to tell everyone ,we brits know we are the greatest nation on the earth and dont have to tell everyone because everyone already knows!!!1
Oh.My.God. The Americans are being so rude!! It's a joke - the British have a completely different sense of humour than the Americans, there's no need to take offence. And we wouldn't be speaking German if it wasn't to America so those comments need to stop. We don't have bad teeth - we have an NHS service so out teeth can be perfect if we want them to be. You win more medals at the Olympics because your country is massive compared to the UK so clearly, as there are more people, there are going to be more talented individuals. And finally, we are getting dragged into every war you start and are now being attacked and bombed here in the UK for our participation - but I guess, just like you see WW2, we won't be appreciated so we might as well pull out now and leave 'Murcia to it.
I laugh at their teeth though. Brits and their dental care...
Both names are funny. The fact that people are taking it so personally and bringing WW2 into a discussion about fanny packs/bum bags is hilarious.
I laugh at people who still wear "Fanny"packs!! So whatever! Call it what you want it's still stupid!
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Ana Rita Prehs Victor Balestrin ahhahahahahaahha
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aha oh dear.. Semhar GezaiFedden Amar
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Lewis Owen lmao
" I laugh at Americans when I don't hear it" HAHAAHA love it lol
Even the word vagina sounds nice in british >.>
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