One Sentence Sex Stories

One Sentence Sex Stories
One Sentence Sex Stories
Published on 10/22/2017
One Sentence Sex Stories


"Witchcraft worked"
"I need a bigger vagina" Cailen Rachael Omfg
stop with the damn quotes. we get it. we also watched the video
'It was too weird and I was shown the door' 😂 Best sentence ever!
Shown the door and bigger vagina won.
I thought people here were actually going to tell about their first time but no they're just tagging friends and quoting 'I need a bigger vagina'
"I cast a spell on someone using witch craft" 😂😂
Nobody "needs a bigger vagina" NOBODY !
"I need a bigger vagina!!!" 😩😂 #classic
"Honeymoon night, candles, husband, perfect."
''Weird and it hurt'' hahahaha
Am I the only one who had a pleasant not even remotely awkward first time?
I fucked her right in the pussy- Fred
Help im addicted to BuzzFeed videos
Waddling like a penguin the next day. Hahah
As funny as the video was, did no one else notice almost none of these were "one sentence" descriptions?
"I learned everything from porn" hahaha
My one sentence sex story: "Non-Existent"
"There was a lot of crying afterward....from me"Jacob Nunley, watch this
Did anybody not expect that one guy's voice?
Christian Van "it was too weird and i was shown the door" LOL
'I need a bigger vagina' 😂
Soph Gore "I need a bigger vagina" 😂😂😂😂😂
Get out, it's over.
These are not one sentence responses and it disturbs my ocd-ness
Do you want me to stop, Do you want me to stop,.... Fuck no your already in !!!!
"why the hell did i just do that."
Boon Boon easier than I tot becauseI watch porn HAHAAHHAHAA
Emily, I love that purple haired girl so much. XD
"I need a bigger vagina" -Meg Hewitt
Livvy MitchellEugie BoydAnna HoustonJennifer Oraha
So did she witch rape the guy? 👀
It IS is possible to have sex for the first time as a woman and it not be painful. Please look up Laci Green on YouTube. That being said, AWESOME video!
Anthony Avila Barajas you should try witchcraft on Juan 😂😂😂
Raquel LunaCarolina EstradaSadia Rahman
Total utter confusion and scared shitless that we were gonna get caught.
Samantha James
Dmitry Zaripov Was yours as awkward as these people had? Mine was really natural... but painful and a bit confusing at first. LOL.*virgin alert* I'm with the guy who said it was "Easier than I thought because I've watched porn." mixed with "I needed a bigger vagina." LMAO
OMFG I totally was the weird kid that did a witchcraft spell in middle school and ended up with the guy. (Twilight Zone theme song)
"i needed a bigger vagina" hahahhaahhahaha omg "walking the next day" HAHHAHAHA Natasha Maria Jackomos Kovid Uppal Jonash Goh CJay Hon Greg Pavlov Rosie Lane Jeff Sha
pain... pain... pain lol
My first time was only 5 min because we were both paranoid that her mom or sisters were going to walk in haha
I cast a spell ;) 😁😳😘😶❤️💋👏
Maria Jacavino Lindsey Van Berkum Katie Culpepper 19 seconds
MohamadReza Mafi, Hossein Pourkhalily
Sushmita SidhuMia Fleming witchcraft! Hahaha
hahaha Gracie N Garcia Jennifer Vida Geralden Lunab Natalie Lorrainec Blanca Ali Crystal Monzon Nayeli Dominguez Jossy Buteau Marissa Vasquez Jessica Martinez Aryaa Ramirez Angelica Garcia im pretty sure this is us sometimes lol
there was a lot of crying.... from me HAHAHA
Elizabeth. :D LOL!

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