One of the luckiest shots in HALO HISTORY.

One of the luckiest shots in HALO HISTORY.
One of the luckiest shots in HALO HISTORY.
Published on 10/20/2017
One of the luckiest shots in HALO HISTORY.


how many people assumed he killed only the guy in front of him? :3
Why can't we have these types of bullet ricochet in FPS games now if we can have a fucking separate Fish AIs?
LOL wtf he must be Asian
That was brilliant.
You mean "One of the unluckiest players"
Old. I'm surprised you didn't make a console bash on this post
So...that explains why I always die so suddenly without actual reason... :D
Would destroy my surroundings if that happend to me lmao
That's extremely badass.makes me wanna play halo
BOOM, Deadshot
You got that because of lag/your ping...
Have bullets bouncing of walls like that always been in Halo?
video games, where physice don't matter.
Don't know why they always call these "once in a lifetime" shots.....I've done this before, missed a shot and somehow still got a kill.
Seeing five videos like this in one week removes the shine a fair bit...
I thought deadshot was DC
You're pretty good!
Also one of the worst Halo games in history.
Obviously skill
I've killed myself with a ricochet before lol
that is what we call reflection ..lel .. there is science and logic there ...
proof that halo is a terrible shooter
Dat hitbox.
He's so MLG that MLG is now MMLG
Holy crap!
Ah shit
then that person think someone is using some kind of cheat ahaha
How much ricochet does a bullet HAVE in halo?? Nerf this shit
WP sir
cheat :D
there's no luck. he's pysic master
I did something like this on the Pit in halo 3
Ekin: quand je joue au sniper
oh yeah i havent seen this before
hahaha! 😂😂
The fact of where the player that was killed was standing at the time of the shot makes it seem as if this was set up. Its not luck if its made to happen that way.
god dam that is fucking awesome!
Imagining the guy who got shot by it :3
seen a buddy of mine save himself from an assasination lmao epic
no theres more
Holy shit :D
You have to wonder what the guy was thinking. "Shit! Wait, what killed me? THERE'S NO ONE EVEN AROUND!"
DAT BULLETMAGNETISM thats why halo 4 sux balls.

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