One Easy Water Trick You Can Do With Your Kids

One Easy Water Trick You Can Do With Your Kids
One Easy Water Trick You Can Do With Your Kids
Published on 11/24/2017
One Easy Water Trick You Can Do With Your Kids


Then they'll ask, "Why did it do that?" and I'm going to say, "Uhh.... "
I learned this on Zoom back in elementary school, when Zoom taught you everything you ever needed to know. 🙌
Now drink that pepper water kids, we in a mofo drought
my dad originally did this while telling a racial joke concerning a swimming pool back in 1979
If I had kids I would just show them the video and save me some time
I don't want to do this dumb shit with my kids.
So I'll do this but I won't tell them I have soap on my finger. So I'll tell them to try and separate the pepper from water and when they fail I'll be like babammmmm I did it woohoo in your face!! 😝
For some reason the pepper floating in a container of water grossed me out. #weird
Anyone know why it does this? Science side of Facebook ASSEMBLE.
*Bill Nye voice* SCIENCE RULES!!
Germ demo. You need soap to wash away all the germs 😝😝
This is a good way to teach the difference between hydrophobic and hydrophilic compounds.
You're all so salty, this was pretty cool kids are fascinated by the smallest things!
You can use this to teach your kids about friendship. The bowl of water represents the community you're in. It could be a school, your home, anywhere. The pepper represents the people in the community. It could be friends, community workers, or family. When you add the soap, that's the bully or the problem that caused in the community. Everyone runs away. But then when you add a little bit of sugar, the peppers all run back and clump in the center. Sugar represents the bravery to solve the problem! Kids love this friendship experiment :)
I wish instead of the music buzzfeed would have taking the time to explain why that happens.
My kids love this trick and call it the "somebody peed in the pool trick"!!! Lol!
404. Error. Kids not found.
Derek, very "COOL" water trick!!!! Sandy😄👏
You know that's a racist joke trick
No... No water tricks in California.
Yikes. The joke that goes along with this trick..........LOL I'll leave it at that.
That trick is so old
I do this trick all the time
This is the cops and robbers trick!!! Love it.
god, that was the most boring activity ever
This is an awesome trick that my husband and his dad use when cleaning pools. Makes it easy when skimming.
Trick dgn lada hitam
What a waste of water!!
Out of all the things you can do with that lubed up finger, you do that. Disappointed, I am
And what would be the purpose of showing your kids this trick?? What's the point??
actually, instead of using soap... you can do this also by sticking your finger in your ear and giving it a wiggle and then putting it in the water
Kids and water, fun.
yep. buzzfeed has ran out of video ideas.
What a waste of water, salt and soap
Whala! Now they know the trick.
Then the kid puts their finger in their eye... Easy trick turns into a walk in clinic visit... 😂💯 pepper and kids don't mix.
Because we all are trying are best to conserve water
Let's not waste water!
Lol yeah kids will be amazed by this instead of their iPhones and tablets and shit lol
We are in a drought in Cali.. We probably should not be doing any water tricks with any kids. Lol
Or how about we don't waste water.
i've seen this trick too many times already..
This went with a racy joke when I was a kid
yep another way to waste water
Probably a good way to explain why washing your hands is important... we can pretend the pepper or whatever they added to the water is germs...;)
There's a drought in Cali! Maybe next year I'll waste water!
Kelsey Frink I think I know where your dad got his water trick idea from
Can't do that. Gotta conserve water during this drought 😐😕
Yup keep on wasting water
Before watching this video, I thought you massacred a whole ant village.

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