Nutella Rice Krispie Treats

Nutella Rice Krispie Treats
Nutella Rice Krispie Treats
Published on 11/19/2017
Nutella Rice Krispie Treats


Why is nutella so popular I don't get it
Please censor your porn, buzzfeed.
Oh sure. AFTER I start a no sugar diet >.<
Directions were too complicated, got my dick caught in a ceiling fan.
Did it bother anyone else that they weren't mixed evenly......
Instead of using the original Rice Krispies, why not use Coco Rice Krispies...
But why take it out of the bowl? Why not just have one giant rice crispy ball all for yourself?
That was the biggest bowl you could find?
I misread "marshmallows" with "mushrooms" and for a brief moment I got deeply disgusted. lol
Use the damn stove for once.
Or you could just use melted chocolate and make it 10x better
I know it's just a quick tutorial but shit make it in a bigger bowl so the rice crispies don't fall all over the place ugh
Am I the only one who only eats Rice Krispies in treats and not as breakfast?
How the hell did she use her bare hands to grab that hot bowl!?
Nutella? Yuckella more like it. 👎🏻
I just eat the Nutella out of the jar
Peanut butter mixed into a rice Krispy treat killed a girl with a nut allergy. I know I am a killjoy but I hate Nutella because to a little kid it just looks like chocolate.
Nutella is disgusting
Nutella should have been left out , now the rice krispies are disgusting
Premade rice crispie dunked in the Nutella jar. Faster, easier, more Nutella control. The end.
Am I the only one that doesn't like fucking Nutella?
Since you like making rice crispy treats you should probably make these for me, Chris 😍.. just don't add any special ingredient for me!
Nutella is sooooo high in calories fyi
Wouldn't it make more sense to use the chocolate Rice Krispies instead
in malaysia this kind of "kuih" we called "BEPANG" but we do not use nutella, we used "gula perang" :)
I'm gonna do this with vegan marshmallows :) yumm
Stop with the Nutella. Just giving way to a fatter culture.
Chef Paul HAHAHA. do this
On my Nutella jar it says NOT to microwave it????
how much rice krispies
Nutella looks like baby shit...
I love Nutella .... But one spoonful makes me constipated for a week 😆
Why are you constantly microwaving all your food, buzzfeed? That's nasty
Nutella is so overrated. Yall just wanna be a part of something like go sit down somewhere bandwagon hopping asses. Annoying.
You do know Nutella contains MSG
Is the last ingredient rice bubbles?
I still have never even tasted Nutella..
got to make this today, love nutella
I just want to say I love you buzzfeed
Yall just stop . Putting Nutella on everything thinking that stuff right. 😂😂😂😂
It is Yummmy right ? Ladies r gonna agree with me :)
Let's all be honest... That stuff would not make it out of the first bowl right?
buzzfeed is turning into a cooking show I swear😂😂
You can't put Nutella in the microwave, it says it on the bottle. It blew up my moms microwave. Lol
Nep Parian, ibis na rice crispies ung coco-something mo na cereals or ice creamsss
I guess I am the only living person that doesn't want Nutella.. :(
try condensed milk + vanilla extract instead of marshmallows = drool
Do it right and melt it in a pan!!! Better taste!!

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