Non-Vegans Try Vegan Desserts For The First Time

Non-Vegans Try Vegan Desserts For The First Time
Non-Vegans Try Vegan Desserts For The First Time
Published on 11/19/2017
Non-Vegans Try Vegan Desserts For The First Time


The girl with the glasses seems to have some sort of personal vandetta against vegans 😅
Look at Alison giving a completely opposite opinion everytime! :D
let's have vegans try non vegan foods...would that be cruel?
They picked the dumbest vegan foods.... lets be honest... there are WAY BETTER vegan deserts out there
That awkward moment when you're reading this comment, and can't stop reading because you are so intrigued by it, that you keep reading, and then you realize it says nothing important.
I'll stick to eating cows, pigs, and chickens and the goodies they provide for us! I want ribs now mmmm
that guy who likes everything lol
"I've never had vegan food." Apples. Apples are Vegan. 😂
Who picked these foods? Did you ask an actual vegan about vegan desserts or did you just pick the crap that not even actual vegans would touch with a 10 foot pole?
I'm vegan and I wouldn't eat the majority of these foods. Why Buzzfeed, Why?
And raw brownies, are you joking? Ew.
Did you know that Oreo's are vegan?
Oh come on vegan food is not that bad -_-
Brace yourselves for the meat eaters who are experts in nutrition!!
The bottom line is that vegan foods are TERRIBLE at imitating conventional foods. They should be taken as a different entity altogether.
Never touched anything vegan? Fruits, vegetables, and grains are vegan you fucking idiot.
Lol "Be yourself. Be whatever it is you are!" As someone who was a child growing up in a weird vegan hybrid family (My parents weren't vegan, just health nuts) I couldn't agree with this more! Don't call yourself cheesecake if you taste like sugar infused tofu! Just be tofu cake. At least then you know what you're getting. At least then the dog knows ahead of time what kind of bull shit I'll be throwing under the table for it to finish off!
Of course it's hard. Ice cream is frozen.
Do you know what really tastes bad? Rape, murder, and cruelty. Go vegan.
They should have had them eat the stuff and then after they had eaten and commented told them that it's vegan
Vegan food is delicious in my opinion.😻😻😻
I could never be vegan due to the fact that cheese is literally it's own food group in my life.😐
Heck. If there's food involved, count me in.
Oreos are vegan cookies ...Oreos don't look like dirt
That girl with glasses is so negative i feel like stuffing that tofu cheesecake down her throat 😒
There are vegan bakeries winning awards over non-vegan places (Dunwell Donuts, hello, best donut in NYC) and destroying the competition on shows like Cupcake Wars yet they manage to find some gross boring 1st generation desserts that most vegans wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Great job, Buzzfeed!
😞 this is like the first buzzfeed video that really irritated the crap out of me. All of those desserts looked terrible! Shoooot give them ANYTHING from Capital City bakery in Austin, Texas and THEN try to tell me vegan desserts suck.
Now excuse me me while I eat my delicious salted caramel vegan ice cream from Sweet Rituals. (another awesome vegan ATX dessert shop!)
"I wish vegan foods would stop trying to imitate non-vegan foods"
Wtf? The reason a lot of people become vegan is because there are so many alternatives that taste the same as the original. Do you expect vegans to just eat fruit and vegetables? This chick seemed to hate everything just because it was vegan. Let's see what happens when you give her one of the desserts but don't tell her it was vegan.
Vegan or non-vegan, everyone has different taste preferences! Let's all just agree that vegan desserts are better because they are cruelty free✌️❤️ There is absolutely no reason to exploit animals for your taste buds☺️
"Honestly, I'll eat any dessert" lol
This is just stupid. They picked some of the worst options....there are some absolutely amazing vegan desserts out there.
Literally the worst possible examples of vegan desserts you could pick. Refilm this with desserts from my vegan bakery and compare results. Http://
Why would you eat tofu cheesecake anymore? We have Daiya cheesecake. There's a good version of everything somewhere.
Question, does every regular dessert taste good to you? In all it's different incarnations of recipes etc? That'll probably be a no. Similarly, different vegan recipes are going to yield different results. Giving them one kind of vegan cheesecake is going to paint a bad picture. I'm not super upset by this video, just like- eh. That's inaccurate
This would be more meaningful if they didn't tell them it was vegan.
I made a "meat sauce" with gardein "meat balls" (which are vegan) and gave it to my fiancé (who isn't vegan) and didn't tell him I used the non meat "meat balls" and after he was done I asked him if he liked it and he said yeah and then I told him it wasn't real meat and he didn't believe me. Good food whether vegan or not is determined by who cooks it. So they may have gotten some really shitty food in this video.
now vegans try non-vegan food!!! ;)
I think I would probably like more vegan foods if they weren't labeled like non-vegan food, like the girl at the end says. If I read "vegan brownie" or "vegan cheesecake" I'm still expecting it to taste like a brownie or a cheesecake. I like vegan brownies, but let's call it something else! Chocolate surprise. Mocha morsel. Fudge cake. Idk. (disclaimer this is coming from a non-vegan so I suppose vegans are adjusted to the taste. So just saying.)
I'm always surprised that any vegan recipes have soy (tofu)! Most vegans tend to be into health food. Soy is the biggest health food myth! It is so bad for you!!
I'm totally with the "stop trying to be something else, just be what you are". It just sets us non-vegans up for disappointment, and therefore vegan food for failure. Don't tell me it's vegan cheese, because it tastes like sour paste which is no good in association with cheese. Tell me it's cashew spread and we're all good!
I'm not vegan, but I've had amazing vegan desserts, including the best milkshake I've ever had in my life. Seems some particularly crappy examples were chosen.
Also, as someone with dietary restrictions who has to eat some things that are imitations of other foods, it really annoys me when someone says something like "stop trying to pretend". Anyone who says that clearly doesn't know what it's like to have 2 options on a five page restaurant menu and then have to ask the poor server questions about those. Sometimes, you just want to eat something freaking normal for a change and not have to worry.
Another disappointing vegan video.
If it has the word 'vegan' before it... No thanks.
Those are terrible vegan desserts. Wow, there are so many amazing ones. This video slightly depresses me.
Aw come on, BuzzFeed! There's a TON of way better vegan desserts. As a vegan, I would only eat the cookies and the doughnuts.
Oreos are vegan !! And its almond milks Favorite cookies
I feel like they'd be much less critical if they didn't know the desserts were vegan.
Ugh I found this video super irritating.
Especially owning a vegan baking co. which tries to dispel the weirdness around the word "vegan." Any baking can taste awful if not done properly- I wish they would have properly represented decent options and products. This doesn't do the vegan community any favours.
Whole foods has some serious vegan doughnuts yummmmmm
Why are people so threatened by vegans and vegan food?
If you never told this people this foods were vegan they would have a different reaction. come on people !it is FOOD. Some people dont even have things to eat...Soy, fruits, sugar? Nothing weird about it, there are actually gross things in conventional food, specially fast food places like mcdonalds but because everyone eats it, bet your ass they dont care; they seem to be so close minded that because it is different; they reject it even before trying it.
Vegan doesn't necessarily mean for vegetarians. I'm a cook and when I make vegan desserts it's usually for people with a gluten or dairy allergy.

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