Never trust cartoons!

Never trust cartoons!
Never trust cartoons!
kid cartoon amy lol
Published on 10/23/2017
Never trust cartoons!


You gotta say it 3 times you asshole.. no wonder you got shot
Haters! Lol his videos are funny at times but some are not but hey at least he is trying his best to make people laugh
please ban this kid from posting , its awfull
This kid is Hilarious XDDD
I bet you it didn't work because you have to say it three times!!!!!
Brandon bowen :)
Pretty sad how much negativity people throw out at someone just trying to brighten their day...
It's me again! Ben Peckham Austin Irvine Tom Westwell Dan Waddilove Matt Jenner Katie Grieve
This kid is awesome!
Supposed to say it thee times
Vanessa Gamez something mason would do 😂😂
Frank Jr Ortiz
Chad Dee Josh Vasquez
Amy Ko @maya AMY, I Know you truly get scared, but never do this! ahaha!
Chey 😂
Ronaldo Alvarado
love this kid
Still haven't seen this cartoon but just hearing it reminds me of y'all lol
👌💯 Gizeh Romero Brittani Bartee
Jesse Llerenas
Who is this kid he's awesome
Gareth Cloono😂
Sirine Grier Arthur plus tard mdr
Mak Jamika
Savanna Flynn
Whitney Floyd haha
Noelle and Amber y'all:P
Joey Micheal V Sinker Cyntia Flores Yoselin Barbosa
I would've shot him more than once. You know, just to make sure.
Lol Jesus Zelaya Charlie Zelaya
This sucked hows it funny it put asleep
Amy Sharp Tucker
Areli Fuentes😂
Doug Loeffel
Jaime ElChapo
Luis Cepeda
Anthony Flores
This it not funny, Its not a vine, It is uneducated goose penis.
This kid is hilarious
Ben Guerrier be like
He holds his left shoulder, but turns right
Regina Tuey haha my childhood
I know Alexis Aubrey Frazier
Hahaha!!! That was awesome!!

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