NASTY Vette Burnout!

Hell of a way to show off at the Ocean City Cruise This weekend! Thank you Matt for the video!
NASTY Vette Burnout!
Published on 10/20/2017
Hell of a way to show off at the Ocean City Cruise This weekend!
Thank you Matt for the video!


Finally someone who can do this with out wrecking. A+
Those Mustang drivers need to watch and learn :P
Atleast the mf'er can drive. Tired of wreck videos
Weird, why didn't he crash into the curb or into oncoming traffic or launch the car into a crowd?!
At least the know how to drive it..
Thats definitely ocean city Maryland..... surprised the cops didnt bust him lol they made a special bolo about the cruising car show down there this past weekend
ok so when a import does this y'all talk and say this ruin car meets but when lame muscle. car does this everyone's happy? this is still ok a busy public road dumb ass
This is why we cant have nice things.
Corvette owner who can handle his car 👏🏾 🙏🏾
Should.of been at automotion
Now that is a burnout
The best "burnout" I have seen come out of America
Mmmm LS.... music to my ears
guy doing that is a jerk-off. Too bad he didn't throw a rod in the car. Give him time, he'll wreck, and kill someone. What a tool doing that in traffic.
People defined by a production car that has certain amount of power, tricking morons into thinking they know how to weild power.
Ah... this must be some form of male ritualistic right that signifies the descending of their tiny peanut testicles.
#ocmd #cruiseweek
Only in ocean city, MD
Would you look at that no mustangs involved not accidents
This is photoshopped you can clearly see the cropped out the people he ran over SMDH do some research people
ocean city was awesome this year
First time ever a show off that didn't wreck a vett into traffic?
Did a job down there, was there off and on for 2 years that place gets totally out of control and the population triples in summer. Did a LOT of drinking down there
Thank god its a good driver in a Chevy. Had this video been made with a Mustang, it would be a 5 car pile up. Christian
This is a burnout Glenn Webb
Hell of a way to get a car show shut down permanently.
Ocean city Maryland! Man I miss cruzin'!
Voted best Burnout Early summer cruisin. Via the OCMD Cruisin Car meets FB page.
This isn't Ocean City it's Mexico lol
Gotta love OC cruise week... less tickets than H20 and waaaay more hooning.
How we do it in OC
I'll give 10 in style. But 0 on execution - lame doing this on public roads in traffic. It's situations like these that end up closing car meets - for good. Cops and locals get tired of this REALLY quick. Keep that shit on the track.
His car looked like it was crying for it's life
He'll fkn yeah at least this driver knew when to release and stomp on the gas for excellent control
Those new speed cameras caught it all. Lol
Well. Time to trade up lol
I do that better in the boat
Great Driver right there.
If that was a mustang it would have crashed
Proud to be in OC when this happened xD
Reminds me of a mustang spin-out crash quote, "Just like last year"
Maybe I can cruise with you Joe in Texas, and yes I would drive like that!😀

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