NASTY Sounding Ford GT

Never heard an idle on a FordGT like this!  Filmed by Murk3d .... :P
NASTY Sounding Ford GT
Published on 10/21/2017
Never heard an idle on a FordGT like this! Filmed by Murk3d
.... :P


Was about to say sounds like shit.
First thing I though, they done ls swapped a GT. lol
Obviously a GT wouldn't sound that shitty
Lmao GT sounds better and would annihilate that pos
That gt would wax that trailblazers ass though
Yeah anyone can tell that ain't no Ford gt
yea it did sound kinda funny
I knew that Ford GT would never sound that shitty... Nice try though and that's a cute sounding Ls motor lol
When I first heard the noise I was like THE FORD GT DOESNT HAVE PUSH RODS ! Then it panned over lol
Why does anyone think that you will think a ford gt sounds like an ls?
Ya but the Ford gt would smash it
Just another cammed v8. Nothing I haven't seen a thousand million times before. Got to love the Chevy fags hating on a GT though. Chevy is for grandpas.
Lmao @ comparing a shity SUV to a Ford GT.. That thing couldn't do even a 1/3 of what that GT could, including sound better.
Race him...
that's nothing. lol have you heard the black mamba ford GT?
Should have named it Ls swaped Ford GT lol
i was like damn it sounds like a chevy truck
I was thinking did someone LS swap a Ford GT? Lol
A blower whinin modded Ford GT sounds a whole lot better than that, lol.
Smoked a 15' 5.0 in my
Man did that sound like shit . Thank god that wasn't the GT cause I would of said that must be an LS swop
That Ford GT would demolish that truck.
Bahaha like that could beat the GT?
Any gear head who knows engine sound would tell you that's a pushrod motor.
Was wondering why it sounded like shit
this was the best big block ford ever made crower most never heard of this 427
One reason that ford GT is a mans car and that trailblazer is a bitches car ,it had to do with one has a stick shift and one has a pussy auto tranny in it
I was about to say that's a fucking Chevy idle. Then he pans over. Bahahaha Fuck Ford's!
Daniel Wilson The best thing ford has ever shit out of its company lol this the only ford I would drive I would buy a junk yard Chevy, Dodge, Pontiac, Etc!! before I would a showroom floor ford Hahahaha
Was wondering what was wrong with that GT, sounds like crap
Lol about to say a Ford can't sound that good lmao
Thank u so much John Wright and Justin Ferguson . I was just about to say don't fake it and throw a SS TRAILBLAZER in it. Park that Ford GT next to that new Anniversary Chevy CAMARO with that 572.. I guess they didn't cause u couldn't hear the gt then.
That's what I mean with these hookerish post. Put an even Ford with an even Chevy. And it's no game. U c the post with the trucks tug of war. Even post the Chevy trucks win and the Fords only win if the tugging an real old Chevy. Funny huh folks. Chevy all day AND NIGHT..
That Blazer sounds better than the GT.
Cam has way too much overlap for a boosted car anyways... would be stupid to put that in a ford gt
That's why it sounds like pushrod shit!

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