MUST SEE: Our favorite "The Carlton" moments

It FINALLY happened, Fresh Prince fans -- Alfonso Ribeiro busted out the iconic "Carlton" on Dancing with the Stars last night.
MUST SEE: Our favorite "The Carlton" moments
Published on 10/19/2017
It FINALLY happened, Fresh Prince fans -- Alfonso Ribeiro busted out the iconic "Carlton" on Dancing with the Stars last night.


If he doesn't win, this show is rigged! Clearly the best dancer out there and he's only getting better!
lmfao I just love his face when he does his dance!!! lmfao
He's a better dancer than her lol
He killed it perfect score!! 40!!
I 💕 it but they should have saved it for the finale!
I knew this was coming , go Carlton go
Julian Balthazaar Kirsty Balthazaar Martyn Van Reyk Brittany van Reyk brings tears to my eyes, so good!
When I was in the separation platoon in California processing out of the Marines following my 5 year enlistment in 1995.The Marines organized a bus trip for us to go to a live taping of a morning show " The Mike and Maddy show". Alfonso was the guest that day and during a commercial break I yelled out "DO THE DANCE !!" After the hosts prodding him he did, great guy, very down to earth.
I'm glad he has come to realize that people love him because he brought smiles to people's faces with that character and his dancing, especially the Carlton. It's a great example of letting go of one's ego to make others smile/happy :)
I can now die in peace. Lol
What I love is that as well as the moves his face doesn't change he has the same facial expressions as he did on the show lol
He just won the internet.
All 4 million views are from me! Lol
And he does it better than his professional partner.
This makes me smile! Brings back my childhood days
Finally, he hasn't lost a beat. Just as good as it ever was.
And how did he out-dance his own partner? WTG Carlton.
Brought back memories. Smiled the whole time
Matt Justin Carlton blows the professional dancer away 😂 she's too stiff
*So many childhood feels*
He looks so much better doing it than her lol
The best dance ever on DWTS history. Go Carlton!
I love it!!! Been waiting to see it!!! Only Alfonso can do it the correct way
I knew someday that dance of Carlton's would be considered cool!
I have been waiting patiently. Loved it glad they got perfect score.
I miss the fresh prince, it sucks uncle Phil is not here anymore. GO CARLTON!!!
He was better than the expert dancer!
What a classic!!!
I was waiting for it, Finally! He did Awesome....
Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE should do the "Carlton" at the same time GLOBALLY and peace will be can you not smile watching that dance or better yet doing the dance!!!!
Mehdi de Pedie Jason Trinidad Rachid Na Madridista Hassan Hicham Nogiets
Jennifer Breshears!!! This gave me goose bumps!!!! #freshprince
That was perfect!!
This makes me laugh every single time. Of my youth, the "Carlton" will go down in pop culture lore alongside "...and now you know, and knowing is half the battle", "Autobots, transform and roll out" and lest we forget, up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-B-A-B-A-select-start.
That fool shoulda won on the spot
love love love love it!!!!.....makes me smile all the time.
Rachel J. Harvey D. Ivan R.c. Rā's Laura Sangti Kirti Elvin Daniel M.
Shannon McGrath Jessica Black Tori Smith Lauren Blakeley Samantha Smith Shannon Smith Amie Ballon Caitlyn McDonald 👍👍👍
Tommy Sheehy Ryan O' Halloran Jimmy Shanahan Jordan Brick Daniel ShanahanArron Conway Dylan Goggin we do this on the next night out ??
Tyler Cawood Cameron Larnach Harry Gollick Callum Endicott Connor Endicott Aidan Seagraves Georgey 'Peter' Parker Lewis Hamilton Chloe Lasslett Charlie Lasslett Josh Lasslett
Vanessa Marie Chanae Bree Swainger Rebecca Marie Dominique Lucille Michael Vesetas last night hahaha
love this
Misha Raj Kelsey Raj Bek Hall
Katie Empson Gabriela QuinsacaraFaye KatsoulasJoanne BuiSamantha MinnsNatalie CavagninoSydney Meza CAN WE PLEASE LEARN THIS DANCE MOVE and add it to our group choreography
Sadie Robertson was robbed!! Alfonso took tapping lessons & other types of classes as a kid.. & to win the compition w his dance fm his tv show is ridiculous. How is that fair?? Yes hes talented but hes been talented.. the other damcers had to learn everything new.. I stopped watching show. Js
Sharmaine Abey Tara Solomons Melinda Modica Maddie Tucker
Stephen Campbell Daniel Willis Drew Vincent Brent Kelly Johnny Eastoe PT Cal Meagher Casey Wren
Benjamin Ashman Alex Gauci Leigh O'Farrell Matt Chen
Anish Nathie Satish Hemraj Kishan Bhikhie
How does he do all that at once?? I was so happy to see this. I loved it!!
Robert Hardgrove OMG CARLTON

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