Music Can Save Your Life! (Halloween Edition)

Music Can Save Your Life! (Halloween Edition) Vine By: Piques
Music Can Save Your Life! (Halloween Edition)
Published on 10/18/2017
Music Can Save Your Life! (Halloween Edition)
Vine By: Piques


Am I the only one watching this again and again?
omg, i need that guitar
Knife Party Internet Friends <3
Wonder how many times he got hit by the knife before they perfected it
hello mom
i love this song.
like if u watch it more then once lol
attempt 876,805,760
For anyone who cares and/or doesn't know, that was Internet Friends by Knife Party.
Like if you watched this more than once
You blocked me on facebook, and now you are going to die XD
Song: Internet Friends by Knife Party
you're welcome
Internet friends- knife party. 💕😍😍
Ana Ruano João Ruano MéLa Jesus Boleta a minha dança nova no halloween AU AU AUUU
Hahhaha Katerina An Angela Ppk Anastasianna Vatou Σουζανα Οusta Niki Nikitakis
Can Kevin Kiiras
Internet friends-knifeparty
That actually made me laugh so much harder then i should have
Noura Safari Sophie Annabelle Mandel
Internet Friends by Knife Party, for anyone who's asking
like if you watched this more than once
Saw it over 10 times....Who else :3 ?
why wasn't that in scare movie? lol
Omg Liberty Hein Its that song!!!
Joe Luna this is why u need to learn how to dance
Jonas Meins Rafael Neß
Jing Yi Le Chingstah
Dachi Gelenidze Гуга Тавадзе :D :D
Bianca Stables Jessica Cleland Finlay Robertson Natalie Hillier Tiana Tau Giorgia Matapuku
Jess Williams Will Dalton Will Ryan Todd Pattison Liam Mcdermott Evelyn Morris
Ricardo Mata XD
Gloria Ng Lillian Quach Emily Liang haha
Lucy Flowers hahahahaha igualito
Thais Garcia Leticia Calixto Olivia Nery Raiza Dias Juliano Matias Thaila Streit
Zahra Islam - something that would probably happen in Fayez A Rahim's life :p
Sassa Mango ahahahaha
kkkkkkkkk Thaynná da Rocha, Denise Lima, Mello Keehl, Victtoria Coutinho Thiago Botelho, Daniiel Fernandes Bruna Thaynah
Darcie Harrington Connie Breeden Yasmin Yap
Torben Lemmel Hendrik Jarck Vincent Schlichting Lee-Ann Ad Lila Kryzanovski
Raady ChMirza Muhammed Naveed Muhammad AliKhizer Ahmad
Luis Romero Cabrera Yeries Senkkrone Leslie Salazar
Ariana Bolainez Ale Garcia
Lizzie Jenkins Joey Carbo Adam Constantinidis Daniel Constantinidis
Amjad Aziem you block me on Facebook hahahahahaha... Mohamed Hassan Mohamed Khalid Ibrahim Ali Naser Harun Abdallah Bashir
Julianne Rose Layden Alexis Smilez Riddick
Jose Ortiz Edwin Vega
Stacey Lauren Hester

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