Mr police officer you wanna die

Mr police officer you wanna die
Mr police officer you wanna die
Published on 11/19/2017
Mr police officer you wanna die


And people wonder why the police do what they do!! Dumb ass people!!
That's pathetic. Police officer doesn't want to "dye" but these two gentlemen apparently do want to "DIE". How stupid.
Glen Jones
Thats the worst ive ever seen u wanna be pranksters hope ya get shot man
Then these fucks want to cause riots and kill police officers for their own wrong doings. Fuck #blacklivesmatters. #policelivesmatter. If my life is threatened I call 911, not the hood. Ghetto fucks who don't appreciate life don't deserve life. Enough said.
That's how ya get shot!!!
Thomas Raistrick
Saamiyah Badaloo
Is that funny?
Erica B. Guerra wana dye?
Mason Moore
They wonder why they get shot by mistake. Idiots !
Love the police.
Jordan Harwood
Rama Mohan
Wala tupa!!!!!! Wala nagd aw
Wtf ! Wrong with this people ?
That's not funny that's just dumb
Shannon Baxter
Not funny, think about it ffs
Stupid! !!!!!
Stupid black people.

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