Mourn The Death Of Beyoncé The Cat

Mourn The Death Of Beyoncé The Cat With Ashley Perez and Quinta B.
Mourn The Death Of Beyoncé The Cat
Published on 11/19/2017
Mourn The Death Of Beyoncé The Cat
With Ashley Perez and Quinta B.


"What if I eat the cat by accident, Ashley? What if I think it's a ham?"
My cats name is Beyoncé too!
"What if I think it's a ham?" LoL I just imagine Quinta and Ashley as the most fun roommates.
"Hey Ashley put the cat down.."
"Yeah I know she smells really bad. We should bury her" lmfao
Srsly, Ashley and Quinta need their own TV show. This was hilarious :)
Hahaha but really "Wait we can't drive!" "Hahaha your face can't drive"
My two favorite Buzzfeed girls
"What if I eat the cat by accident Ashley? What if I think it's a ham"
I swear buzz feed needs their own tv show. It would be the funniest shit in the world
okay so this is what I am saying. BuzzFeed Video the series on Netflix or Hulu A show about people that work at BuzzFeed Video and the crazy shenanigans they get into day to day. and if you do this with like 5 or 6 of the regular people like Ashley Perez, Andrew Ilnyckyj, Quinta B.,Sara Rubin,The Try Guys, And the weird things couple. you just come up with several stories that shuffle per episode. like you could have scenes where Eugene Lee Yang has to run to the rescue but when he comes in the shot his wearing drag still from one of his try guys skits. Its funny and also makes the viewer go "man I have to watch this skit now." Its a gold idea. three times the viewers and twice the platform. But if you do this I want some credit. lol your welcome.
"What if I eat the cat by accident, Ashley? What if I think it's a ham?" Lmfao
Amanda Beardsley ahahah "can you put on Taylor Swift?"
Henry Hernandez
'I can't come into work today, there's been a passing in my family' Erin Elizabeth Moeke Patrick Ellis
Georgie Cufone Mia Pazios Maddie Grünert
Donald Glidden what if I eat the cat by accident?!
3:32 Jessica Johnson Chaochi Lee Mandy Huang Kimmy Valdes Seems like a mistake we'll make if that mafia film was remade
Kaylee Tada David Parfett this is what you all have to look forward to
"Alright you ready !? Yeah let's do this, let's go. Wait were's beyonce? BEYONCE!"
Caitlin Skinner Katelyn Kydd Reagan L'estrange Tara Bertram Olivia Turner
LolBeth Jolley so funny! Don't even joke about jewels dying tho ;)
Jasmine Martinez "Security drive by" 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭
OMG HAHA LisaChristiarne im speechless
Luna Lee Starr Smith
Lol Rose Joanna we should so own a cat!Far
This was one of my most favorite BuzzFeed videos EVER.
Peter Ta
Hahaha This is so how people would react when Beyoncé actually dies XD
Mercedes AnayaLenn Martin
Vivien Schveighardt our future was just played out infront of me
"send her out like a G."
Floremil Molde
Roshni Inam
Christopher Samuel
Bethany Thielsen
Ashley Mcanally hahaha oh my gosh that's terrible! Buuuuut hilarious ha!
OMG when she called for car I died Lmaoo
Dillon Stark
Ashley Danelle Webster Elisa Webster
Maryam Rimi
THIS IS US Cheyenne Wilkins
Desiree Duran
Ashley is so cute
Meagan beyonce!! haha
Andrew be prepared..... When my kitty passes 😩😩😩😩
Timothy P. McCann
YAAAAAAS! cat life
Kylee Jean Lund

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