Moments You Only Understand When You Have A Cast

Moments You Only Understand When You Have A Cast
Moments You Only Understand When You Have A Cast
cast hahahaha
Published on 11/24/2017
Moments You Only Understand When You Have A Cast


Nope thats nothing I broke both my wrist. one of the worst times possible too. Felt amazing to get the casts off though.
Aqib Amanullah Khan Niazi humy b yaaad ha alam ki classs
Laura Davidson Steve Borrell Debbie Johnson
Anu SidDiqui Shah Zaib :( Humay yaad hia :(
Joseph xD
Janna Aparece, HAHAHAHA, labyoooo 😘
Jorja McDermott
Jose Alfredo Robledo
Jessiie Lynn
Rashid Ishaq Rashid Ch Imtiaz Ul Haq Ahsan Hafeez Mad Madi Malik Ansar Nazeer Jhorar Malik Mansoor Toor
This actually sums up my life right now!!! Carl Coolbear
Jorge Valet
Briana Navaruiz
Melissa Favero you need to make a video about a moon boot!
Jackie Tran this is your life now
Osman Ali LOL
Nissa , can you relate lol :)
Carlos Arnaldo
Michely Levandovski skdlvh ewiohcjkwlxjksal
Que infeliz xD Juan Emmanuel Lopez Gonzalez
John Go
Omg Boomer Moderson watch
Oh don't I know it.
Jessi Elaine Pedersen
David Garcia
Tine Wintershoven
Maria Vallejo
Diego, for some reason this reminded me of you
Why do you think? Geulah Notik you ALWAYS have a cast!
Geulah Notik
There might be a scuffle Jenna Zepeda
Eya Aridhi
I've never had a cast before.. But how come you can't get it wet?
Khaled Al-Rajjal
Itz Rayy
they must add, when opening the cast, your hand for sure smell like shit
Hahahahhaa awel wahda w howa 3al 3agala zay f siwa lama we23t w kont hanzel fel ter3a hahahaha Nadine Yacoub
Mariam Shash
Mine was my whole left arm.
Carmen : same feeling when I had tennis elbow .... Cannot forget the inconvenience and PAIN !!!!
Aaron Zaenkert
Laura McDermott
Ah... So true.
I cried twars of joy when I got homeafter removing my cast & I was in the shower without it.
I'm not the only one who struggles with certain things:')
Matt Begbie :D
Tara Post
Anna Griffith
Unique Pearl

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