Moments Girls Who Like Sports Will Understand

Moments Girls Who Like Sports Will Understand
Moments Girls Who Like Sports Will Understand
Published on 10/23/2017
Moments Girls Who Like Sports Will Understand


No jerseys should ever be pink. Team colors only!
If you can't handle a girl who likes sports go sit down son
"Women who like Football"......try to incorporate NBA and MLB next time.
Pink jerseys. No. Unless it's October and you're supporting breast cancer awareness.
This should be called "moments girls who like football will understand" this doesn't have anything to do with a variety of sports... Lame
"This is not the lingerie football league" classic 😂
Sweet Saints shirt! WHO DAT!
Right!! Dating a guy who doesn't like football is the worst omg Vivian Botley
you know when a normal puts in a mouth guard that things just got real.
Thumbs up to girls who play hockey and ballet Hannah Marie Hopkins ❤
Sarah Breanna Bates
That's not sports... That's just football... Sad day... Baseball is over but the trading and play watching is not!
Allysia Caraballo The pink jerseys. Worst.
Megan Kelly Donovan Sanchez hey baby it's fantasy night lmao!
Katy Womack
Hafizah Bibi Erica Mae Aggett Tianhaa Haddon Zoe Simkin
Paulette Welch Laura Mihalek Deanna Crawford Alison Schmitz Lindsay Willis - no pink jerseys!! :o)
hahaha me in a nutshell (but with soccer) Elaine Hernandez Jacquelyn Mendoza Brittani Shores Catalina Luviano
Vicki Eckrich Brittany Lynn Beckett Trista Hicks Brittany Michelle Colburn Heather Wersinger Tamara Moronczyk
Jennifer, Heather, Jamie, Stephanie, Melissa, you guys all come to mind. Lol
Thought of you but for Basketball. Anita Lazar
Saba Dawood Mary Valentino
Kayla Murillo Savannah French omg YES!!!!!! putting in the mouth piece for football.. HELL YEAH
Maria Stalcup JoAnn Divers
Erin Neufeldt Jessica Nelson
Miranda Holt
Denzel Fuller Joshua Michels THIS IS HOW I FEEL 24-7
Elisa Garcia Duran NiaSamone Duran Mya Duran Nicolette Colie Vasquez Mona Madrid
Amanda Shepard Alexis M. Fankhauser Bekah Tucker Sarah Mahnke
Pablo GutierrezJunior HdMaria Gutierrez this is so Alexis
Me Hayley Oneill Kaitlyn Logar
James Martin Forrest French totally me lmao JK
Lindsay TillisRachel TannenbaumJulia Goldwasser
Lucia Lucic Melissa Ann Sharon Wain Alpizar
Caitlin Elizabeth Michelle Cox
You are gonna love this! Joseph Nasr a guy once told me im gonna ask you a really hard question. Can you tell me who Arshavin is? I answered pretty much the same as her :D
Esto es bien Arlyn Roman metiendole bolazos de tenis a los tipos, verdad Sharlene Rosario xXDDDDDD
The last one is hard to believe Montás Baraki
Jeniffer Zotea Kimberly Zotea haha
This is to the most football savy girl I know. Lol. Yoo go girl. Valerie Rodriguez Acosta. Teach Juliet Castro lol jajajajaja
What about the struggles of liking sports but not knowing stats or positions. Well okay baseball and soccer positions are easier for me to know than football.
Katie Marcel
The Saints scene was pretty familiar... Justin Dukes Desmond Patterson lol
Volleyball & Futbol FTW <3
Cate Parnin, Kim Hanson, Jodie Renee Martin-Sheppard, Vanessa Parrotta, Olivia Jamora, Jordan Venetis, Devin DiNapoli, Danielle McClure, Stephanie Cecil
Sarah Hunkins Jessica Anne this is my life!!!!
Meghan Fatora
Wow !!!!
wow this is my life Erika Canchola
Courtney Joel story of my life

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