Mmmm 1100hp Camaro

Mmmm 1100hp Camaro
Mmmm 1100hp Camaro
Published on 10/19/2017
Mmmm 1100hp Camaro


Stefano Raccanello
sounds like a F3 procharger
Kyle I wish I could've brought my no name termi out to the show. Maybe next time bud
What motor?
Why solid you just record a 1100 horsepower car backing off a trailer and not record it ripping shit up?
Saka el Pegasus aha :p Miguel Cardona Jonathan Cisneros
And its still slow
like a sound
Colyn Creighton line yours up with this Chevy!!
Jason Marken
On a u haul trailer? Imo I think it should be in an enclosed trailer.
Runs 7's?
Still slow? Then why don't you run him for pinks then Tevin.
What a teaseee. ):
Darren Retallick
Lol and even if, still would't beat the right mustang.
This car got smanged by a 680 wheel vette in Ohio from a dig!!!! Adam Zabkar Jacob Wright Matt Melchiorre Joshua Book Tyler Hardesty
Rich Sobko
Sounds nasty
Simon Smith
Johnathan Arn
i was there! def. more videos to come.
I wish mine sounded like that
Shit just got real
sickkk as camaro
Thats it?
Rod Franco
Nothin like showing up when the tracks closing....lmao
That's it!! Wtf! Was that
Casey Miller
That just sounds scary fast
Ohio cars>
that's a sound that cannot be replicated with only one bank of cylinders.
Is this you Aaron Cline and Zach Martin if so see post above my Casey miller
Billy Wenk Bennie Sims
100,000 dollar car, U-haul trailer
Lloyd Shannon yes it is.. Just getting the night started!
dear Tevin, and the two dipshit motherfuckers who liked his comment, you know nothing about cars and should leave this page. this Camaro will rape whatever you, your brother, your cousin, your uncle or you buddy drives. count on high 8's low 9's for this. go back to pepboys for your spinners and knockoff flowmaster exhausts you morons.
I wish I could post that meme on here that shows a camaro rolling out of trailor "your can of whoop ass is delivered"..then a stock Shelby cobra lifting the front end "that's cute"
Hell yeah using a U-HAUL to get it to the track!!!!
*cobra jet lol
nowhere near as slow as your Subaru, Tevin.
Brandon. a "Shelby" hahaha only the new SVT GT500 can beat a 5th gen (year for year) otherwise Camaro has owned the crustang. I'd rebuttle with a pic of a yenko saying oh you can lift the front end up? I'm still waiting for you to make the 60ft and have the Camaro at the end of the track.
Timothy T. Kirby
Nah my new 5.0 takes these new ss all day everyday..and cobra jets have been around for decades..chingar coche
As well as 5th gen too

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