Millennials Give An Impromptu Sex Talk To Their Future Kids

Millennials Give An Impromptu Sex Talk To Their Future Kids
Millennials Give An Impromptu Sex Talk To Their Future Kids
Published on 11/17/2017
Millennials Give An Impromptu Sex Talk To Their Future Kids


"We see sex as a bad word and until it's not a bad word anymore it will always be awkward." I think that is the best way anybody has ever put the term sex. I'm still a virgin but, I totally agree with that statment.
We don't get sex talks except for 'never to have sex before marriage and all a boy wants is your virginity and after they get it, they'll leave you and you'll embarrass the family honor' etc. etc.
My sex talk from my mom was like:
Do you wanna be like them hoes on Maury?
Me: no ma'am.
Mom: alright then don't have sex! And I got ways to find out if you do.
Me: yes mom.
My sex talk was probably the least awkward conversation ever. My parents brought it up as something normal. People have sex. It's ok. It's ok to like sex and it's ok to not like sex. If you like sex, then you need to be safe from pregnancies and diseases. There are tools for that. You're a teenager now, if you choose to remain a virgin that's ok and if you choose to have sex that's ok. Tell us and we will give you the protection tools. If you have questions, ask us not you're friends. You're friends are just as likely to not know as you. Come to the adults who know what they are talking about.. Worked for me. Sex was never taboo or embarrassing. That's how ill do it with my kids.
I guess I was the lucky one and my mother didn't hold with the abstinence only crap. I got to read A Child is Born when I was12. She explained my body to me when I was 9 because I had just gotten my first period.
Like my mother I didn't sugar coat anything for my kids. I told them age and maturity appropriate answers fully, not half-assed.
I'm happy to say that I wasn't a teen parent and my children are no longer teens for me to worry about.
I never got a sex talk, and I'll probably tell my son a bold faced lie so he won't get anyone pregnant and skip town like his shitty "father" ☺️
This video lol! Grew up on a farm. You learn a lot about sex when all the animal decide its humping season
Just be honest. My parents were. No need to rush the conversation. Make it educational. You should absolutely implement morals and values but don't make it taboo. Sex isn't taboo.
None, maybe that's why I'm still a virgin. T.T lmao
My talk was "don't do it until you're married. And if you do, which you most likely will, and you get her pregnant then you man up, get a job and take care of them. This won't stop your dreams but it definitely makes them harder to achieve. Now that you know that remember fore play is important to females, it takes longer for them to get worked up." Or something along those lines... and then my MOTHER continued by telling me where where gspot is located.
I have the best parents.
Mean girls was my sex talk... "Don't have sex!!! You'll get pregnant and die!!" Lol
My sex talk went like this:
Dad: Critter it's time for the talk.
Me: oh gosh.
Dad: Shotguns kill the birds and pesticides kill the bees. End of story.
*dad walks out of room*
Me: *sits there for about 10 mins comprehending what just happened.*
Omg my mom was so frank. She was like:
"Ok we're gonna talk about sex. I know you've heard wrong information from your friends so we're gonna clear that up. When a man and a woman have sex he inserts his penis into the woman's vagina. When he climaxes sperm which is what men have to fertilize a woman's egg, goes into the vagina and swims towards the uterus where one of your eggs is waiting after being ejected from your ovaries. It only take ONE time of having sex to get pregnant so sex is a big deal and you have to be careful and use protection." I was 11 and there were cartoon pictures involved for further explanation. My mom was no joke lol
My parents, or at least my mom anyway, have always been really open with my brothers and me about sex. I think my dad has had a harder time with it than my mom, who told us when I was 5, because my brother (who was 7 at the time) asked and she felt that the three of us were ready to know. Since then she has frequently brought up the topic and been open to discussion and it's really awesome because it means we all have the opportunity to be really open with her in return, and she's pretty much supportive of whatever we want, even if we cross her personal beliefs. I'm pretty lucky to have a mother that's not afraid to talk about these kinds of things because I think I would be a really different person otherwise. I can tell my mom absolutely anything without her going haywire on me and I think that's a really important part of a parent/child relationship, and I hope that in the future I can have similarly relaxed and natural dialogues with my children.
When I do it. I will just say "just google it and search creampies" hahaha
I got my talk at 8 because my mom had cancer and thought she wouldn't be around (no worries she's still kicking). My parents led with STDs, and included graphic images of infected/diseased genitals. They also gave me a book far beyond my reading level. Needless to say, that approach worked and I was a virgin longer than all my friends. I plan on doing the same to my kids.
The only sex talk I ever got was my dad telling me, "Sarah....dont do stuff with them boys...and don't get pregnant...don't do any of that hear me???"
Probably why I got pregnant at 17 and why I gave my little sister the sex talk before she even hit puberty...our parents sucked at it.
Can we please as a society destroy the idea that you have to be in love to have sex or if your having sex with someone then you are in love with them. It's no wonder that we get so heart broken haft something like that doesn't work out cause we're taught that it was love
Nobody in this video put themselves in a child's perspective. And by child, I mean ages 11-18. There are babies having babies, people! We have to find creative ways to explain that sex is a responsibility, not an activity you do with anyone you think you "love." Sex does not determine love nor does it seal the deal to create a healthy relationship. For children learning about sex, that is.
My mom was progressive to the point of being disgusting and offensive. That dude who interrupts news reporters saying "fuck her right in the pussy" comes to mind. I think my talk with my son will be toned down a tad.
#NoFilter was on her hat. I was ready for no filter in her response.
"Don't have sex, cause you will get pregnant. And die."
Coming from a Christian family, my sex talk was actually pretty damn great. My mom said, "there's not much to sex, your dick goes in a vagina. If you're not careful you might get a women pregnant. I know you won't wait until marriage, so make sure she's on the pill and you wear a condom. Although, I would prefer if you waited until marriage."
Lol I never got a real "talk". I sort of knew what sex was but it wasn't fully explained to me until after I got my first period. Not by my parents but by my eldest sister. "So now that you're a woman now, if you have sex, there's a chance you can get pregnant or an STD." That was my talk.
"Millennials" what a stupid word!
The only thing missing about this video would be "safety" measures. Protection for men and women, consent (was mentioned a little in the video), STDs from not practicing safe sex (inner and outer).
Gahgk, people, just think, "What do I wish I knew ahead of time?" Then tell your kids that! They are your children, not monsters.
"Sex is when two or more people decide to have a pleasurable experience with each other involving their genitalia. This can result in pregnancy, so you need to be careful. Now, what do you know, and what questions do you have?"
Then answer their questions truthfully!
I had the sex talk with my mother when I was 12, when she passed away when I was 16 my dad, at the dinner table, between bites asked me if she had covered the bases with me already.
And I summed up her talk which was mostly "Buy my own condoms, and not in this house."
And he sighed a deep sigh of relief, that he didn't have to say any of those words.
Found out from a peer what sex was when her mom told her. I DREADED having the conversation from my mom. I feel like she was mentally ready to have it but I just kept blowing her off and plugging my ears. I was wayy too embarrassed.
In the end my "talk" was my mom accepting defeat, opening my bedroom door, handing me a book called "Where Did I Come From", and shutting the door behind her. :)
I never got the 'official' talk. i just learned from books and older siblings. My mom and I have never been embarrassed about talking about sex with one another and I've always just explored my own body to see what I like. I'm not ashamed to talk about sex even though I'm probably the most inexperienced person to talk about it with. I think talking about it and asking questions and being open to new things is a good way to not make it so difficult. If you make it sound forbidden and taboo young people are going to want to try it all the more. It's okay to say no and it's okay to say yes but be honest, open, and safe about it.
My mother brought home a book. The book had pictures of people who had contracted STD's. Still scars me to this day. Not pics I wanted to see.
GeorgeKevinMalcolm bruh...imma tell mine...if its my son, u put the peen in the vaj and bust a hot one. if its my daughter, she gone be locked in a tower its wen u put foriegn objects in holes hah
My mom just told me when I was six I should be prepared to start a period, so I always had this ongoing doom feeling like I was going to die and bleed out to and be in much pain. I was right. That's also when the sex talk came in, not as graphic though as a menstrual cycle starting.
I have three children. One girl and two boys. I talk to all of them about the name of their body parts and as theyve gotten older i just explain what happens to their body and why. There is no talk. Its just a gradual conversation over time. And if they ever have questions, they ask. Cause they know ill answer them truthfully.
[Talking to a 4-10 year-old] "Honey, do you know what love is? Do you know what it feels like? How would you know you're in love? ..(kids response..feel free to explain). There are multiple types of love that you can feel for people. These types of love might also take on different forms or acts. The way mommy and daddy love you is but one type and form of love. Another form of love that is usually performed between two consenting adults is called sex. Do you know what consent is/what it means? That's right! both people mutually agree on something and feel comfortable with something. That's very important! So now, do you have any idea what sex is or might be? (listen to child's response and feel free to respond). Okay you know that boys have a penis and girls have a vagina right? (you probably at least should have told your child what that is by now). Well, both of them do other things then just go pee. For adults, like daddy and mommy, they help to express our interest in and love for one another; at the right time and place that is. To explain what sex is, let me ask you, do you know where babies comes from? (listen to child's response) From mommy? Well yes, in most cases babies come from a mommy, but a family with two daddy's and two mommy's could also have a baby, just not necessarily in the same way. For us, you came out of mommy's vagina (child usually asks how did I fit in there?) Well, daddy and mommy love each other very much. One way that we wanted to show each other how much we love each other was to create you. But we both decided when was the right time. To do that, daddy pushed his penis into my vagina (YOU decide how graphic and detailed you want to be!). Afterwards I got pregnant with you. 9 months later, you were born. Daddy pushing his penis into my vagina was called sex. Sex could also be... (explain). To some people it is just a physical activity like riding a bicycle for pleasure. To others, it's a form of love and a way to show someone how much you love them. Sex doesn't just happen between boys and girls like daddy and mommy, but also between two girls and two boys for the same reasons. And it's okay. I know this sounds a little gross and scary, but it's actually a wonderful and necessary thing. You may be a little to young to understand now, but one day I hope that you wont be afraid to come and talk to either of us for advice, help, or information. We're here for you if and when you need us. *hugs*"
Solène : assez hilarant ! "your private area connects with another private area " !
Bishwa Rai Dexter Edwards Nichole Thompson Gabriella Foy Andrew Sands Keely Anne McQuade Mason Woolley Megan Bisicker
Most people don't want to ask questions to their parents because the automatic assumption the parent makes is that their child is asking these questions because either a) they want to have sex or b) because they already are sexually active. It almost never crosses patents minds that their child may just have a genuine question without any thoughts or strings attached.
No one ever mentions the most important part, STD's! By the time kids learn about them in health classes, they are usually already having sex! Is that not an important sex topic any more?
Jennifer ok I'm stressing out 😰
"Totally normal, totally cool".... Until he has a daughter, if he doesn't have one already....
I never got the talk, it's still awkward now when my mum says anything about sex 😧😵
"Son sex is when you put your pipi into a girls pussy" there easy
This is so politically correct LOOL
My mom put me on birth control as soon as I started puberty, no questions asked. She always educated me on being safe. Even if parents teach abstinence, they should also teach safe sex.
The last comment in the video Is my favorite
Sex is the most human thing you can do. Why are we so embarrassed by it.
Lolz ...mine went extremely mom asked me to bring pamper for my lil bro n i brought sum always pad or sumthing as the advertises were all the same how they can stay dry after getting wet etc... Well rest wasnt pleasant 😒
All sex talks should also include things OTHER than a man or woman cis gender
Asian Scarlett Johansson :D Damn 0:37

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