Men Who Sparked Your Sexual Awakening

Men Who Sparked Your Sexual Awakening
Men Who Sparked Your Sexual Awakening
Published on 11/17/2017
Men Who Sparked Your Sexual Awakening


Dude, Shang from Mulan man. Why was he not on this.
Devon Sawa as Casper. When he walked down those stairs and started dancing with Christina Ricci and then said "Can I keep you?" Cue puberty.
John Stamos as Jessie in full house.
Heath ledger "10 things I hate about you!!"
The Kratt Brothers from Zoboomafoo. Nuff said.
Johnny Depp ~
Why has no one said Peter Pan?! Like come on!
Jareth, from the Labyrinth. Yeah.
Benny from the sandlot
John Smith. From pocahontas. Yup. "you're not going anywhere." schwing.
Simba <3. I know it's weird. No judgement.
Everyone being grossed out about girls finding the lion attractive but no one cared when the guys said lola bunny was hot... smh.
Simba had it going on? True but.
Kovu was my BOO. <3
Paul Rudd in Clueless. And he's still awakening things to this day... :)
Oh and are we all forgetting Dimitri from Anastasia????
"Because I have a heart and a vagina"
David bowie in the labyrinth
Thackery Binx all the way!
Time to dress up as a lion 😕
When Gohan went Super Saiyan 2 against cell when he was only 12...
And the drawn out episodes of it. Mmmm... <3
Why the fuck is a lion sexually awakening that woman?
Benny "the jet" Rodriguez from the sandlot! Alllll the way!!! Like the love of my life, and Leo dicaprio in titanic. Ricky Martin too-
I had a gigantic crush on Aladdin
What about Danny Phantom?
Devon Sawa (Casper, Little Giants, and Now and Then). Leo (Romeo & Juliet and Marvin's Room), Keanu Reeves in Speed, and Brad Pitt Legends of the Fall/Interview with a Vampire
Shawn on Boy Meets World, dem bad boys
"Bieber has nothing on Aaron Carter" Truer words have never been spoken.
People are forgetting all about Jesse McCartney
Prince Eric from little mermaid is where it's at. 😭😍
Chad Michael Murray from cinderella story. Haha
Oh oh oh. Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands! Idk? But I can't be the only one!
Leo in titanic.. Leo in Romeo and Juliet.. Leo in everything.
Jeremy Sumpter in Peter Pan. Oh man come on ...
Casper did it for me lol, the cat from hocus pocus when he becomes the boy and Freddy Prince junior of course like I said in the other video
Prince Zuko from the Avatar:Last Airbender series. Holy shit he was lush 😏
Max from a goofy movie 😋
Bernard the elf from The Santa Claus <3 <3 <3
Atreyu from Never Ending Story?! ANYONE ELSE?
Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing. His dancing made me feel things....
Jeremy Sumpter from the live-action Peter Pan movie. That boy was the bae.
Peter Pan is where it's at.
Kocuom from Pocahontas!! ❤️❤️ hello people!
I am so happy I'm not the only one who found Robin the fox from Robin Hood sexy
Jeremy Sumpter from Peter Pan ...Like I had the biggest crush on him.
I was all about Zack Morris Saved By the Bell.
Paul Rudd in Clueless. Yes.
Brendan Fraser in The Mummy movies lol
Aladdin. I'd pause the movie and kiss the screen. Which felt really weird cause back then the box TVs had so much static.
Johnathan Taylor Thomas all the way!!! Especially in Tool Time!! My entire bedroom was JTT

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