Men Watch The Notebook For The First Time

Men Watch The Notebook For The First Time
Men Watch The Notebook For The First Time
Published on 10/22/2017
Men Watch The Notebook For The First Time


One dude said it...The Notebook is how we want love to actually be! It might be like that for some but those are very lucky and very few people.
Damn you and your perfect jawline! AHAHAHA
Can I watch every movie with these guys?! This was the laugh I needed!
"What do you want?!
I don't know!"
Fuck. I still don't know.
Say I'm a Bird!!!!!!!!!!!
"Be careful you'll cut yourself on his chiseled jawline" I lost it xD
t"he quality of sperm from lumberboys" lol and I WANT TO MARRY THE GUY IN THE BEGINNING!!!
How did they get Seth Rogan to do this video?! Seriously though, anyone else think that one guy sounded, acted and looked like him?
I hated this movie lol
Love was better in that time. My grandparents have a love like this. Got married when she was 17 and him 19. Been together ever since. People say love like this doesn't exist but it does. All love needs work and attention and communication. My grandparents are 90 and 92 and they still hold hands while they sleep side by side<3
"I cry while watching Harry Potter"....That dude is awesome! :-D
probably they would have cried if they would have watched it separately.
😂😂 they cheered like they where watching sports
moral of the story: date a lumberyard boy lol
"Be careful. You'll cut yourself on his chiseled jaw line." Lmao.
'Loves not really like this...' 'That's not true!' Lol. One of them is a romantic.
I lost it XD
Dude with the Black Flag shirt: ❤️
This guy is aways pulling a stunt. Laying in the road!
I watched this with my boyfriend and he actually really liked it. It's also very relatable to our relationship because we are still crazy in love and fight for each other but minus me finding another guy. Hoping for a good ending to our story like the notebook but we probably won't die at the same time, being realistic
Damn you & your perfect jawline & dreamy eyes. Hahaha 😂😂😂
I spy a Black Flag t-shirt
Thank you! Love ISN'T like the Notebook! I thought it was, then he divorced me for another woman, then she divorced him because he was with another woman! Fuck love!
I want my life to be like the notebook. But I wouldn't be so stupid and walk away from Ryan Gosling.
Never walk away from Ryan Gosling.
LOOOL !! they looked like they were watching a football game
"Look at that mustache!" Haha, I feel like this is the closest I'll get to a Rifftrax of this movie!
You can tell when they said" did you see that? He said I love you"
That even some men are scared to say I love you because of the fear of not hearing it back. Because guess what??
Words let's us know how you exactly feel..unless you lie.
Words are powerful.
When you say something.. Mean it.
They ruined the movie as a group. They didn't want to lose their "man card" if they cried. Lol
Is it me or does the "BEARDED ONE" sound like Seth Rogen lol
I no longer have to watch the notebook, just got the sparknotes version #winning
Damn you, Marsden and your dreamy eyes 😂
I love how the men watch it as if they're watching a football game.
BUT DID THEY CRY?! I NEED TO KNOW! Please, BuzzFeed... 💙
I've never seen The Notebook, nor do I care to see it. My sister watches that movie at least once every few months and she's tried to get me to watch it. I'm a chick that doesn't like chick-flicks! I'm all about Sci-Fi, superheroes, and fantasy movies! Nerd for life!
if you wasn't a "real" guy reaction.. you don't get it by a bunch of guys watching it together. They will not be real around eachother.. they will act how they want to be seen amongst eachother.
LaTanya Hicks lol
I want to watch a movie with these guys!
still have never seen the notebook. worth the watch?
"I cry everytime I watch harry potter.."
I think I'm going to watch The Notebook this weekend!
That was funny
This is great!
Still haven't seen it
MEN you got to love them lol
Class four?
This is ridiculous xD
Lol lol

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