Men Try Women’s Makeup For The First Time

Men Try Women’s Makeup For The First Time
Men Try Women’s Makeup For The First Time
Published on 10/20/2017
Men Try Women’s Makeup For The First Time


"I feel the need to open my mouth every time I look up" this man understands
the girly version of the guy with the green shirt is the most attractive... >_>
That moment when they see themselves in the mirror afterwards and are attracted to themselves lol
This is quite disturbing..
cool video and all but the commentary is just a feminist circle jerk
"Aw us wimmins have it so hard :("
Except, it's really not that big of a deal to put makeup on and plenty of women look fine with a minimal amount, they've just deluded themselves into thinking it's a chore.
If it takes hours putting on makeup, it's either for a special occasion or you're modeling- or you have nothing better to do with your life.
They don't look That bad with makeup on
"She's using rake..."
Samantha and Naoi listen to these men because most of these things they say were things going through my mind that one time at Samanthas house -.- especially the " I think she's just been poking my eyeball for ten minutes" part xD
Wouldn't make more sense to use the make up to heighten their face like women do rather thank turning them into women...js
And example would be Endigo from the Swedish Art Metal band BatAAr
"The fact that there's about 6,000 bucks of make up scary" lmao
They used the wrong complexion on the black dude LOL
😂 OMG couple of em are actually pretty
Prabhjot Kaur Marena Shah Abninder Kaler Harman Toor Jaspreet Kaur hahaha!
Mohsen Ahmadi
هویت جعلی
Hasan Hesari
Mohammad Davood Hasanzadeh
Javid Alikhani
Mojtaba Alikhani
Elyas Gohary
Habib Behsodi
Rohi Gol Pesar
Hahahahahahahah damn Nobairah Sa Ra Zarafshan Maryam Hafsa Aiza Nabeeha Moazamah
Jess Loeb Mia Osrin Aviva Phillips
Lucy Huynh Van Karren Liang Jonathan Phu Christina Tran Kenny Doesntneed Luc (:
Edward Antonio Fiona Cheng Rebecca Fang Erinn Ferry
OMGGGGGG HAHAHAHA Frenz Montemayor Del Rosario Michael Delos Santos Jean Garcia
Daniiela Peña Christa Reichenbacher Cindy' Cerda LN ED Patricia De La Fuente WOW jaja
Joua . Demetrius . King , Chasity . Pamela
Lol😂 Jose Gonzalez Stephany Hurtado Anita Nava Princess Yvonne
On of them is gay for sure lol.
Nightmares are correct, a whole different perspective to imagine what your girl would look without make up. rather one looking good without make up. Now you could imagine if theres manly fetures there without make up.
Nikki Watson Josephine Desiree Taylah Clark
Denise Holly Ruby Topete
Alma Frutis Audri Figueroa HAHAHA!!!
Clarissa Ruiz Kali Vodenicharova Wilson Cuzco
See we could have made you look beautiful Brad Klaus lol Jordan Martel Taylor Briggs
Yall are up next Travis Vega and Joel Campos lol!
Connie Davies Millie Teri Moss Tara O'Connell
Ebony Wells Ahmed Al-kufaishi Alex Harris Bring back any memories? :p
Amanda Lynn Weaver Caitlin McCullough
Jess Sampson Lauren Whittaker
Jerry Jared Yao Nicole Icecreamdippedwitchocolate we have to try this again lol
I don't ever want to know what I would look like with makeup on my face. That's creepy - unless your name is Gene Simmons.
Hahaha! Giovanna M. Valle Gabriel J. Alvarez Reynaldo Castro-Estrada Elliott Silva Martinez Harry Nadal Wendy Rosado Javier Martinez
Lolll Tania Sarah
Tasreen Mowreen Tajnin Islam Sharmin Rupa
Sam Michalak Bridget Droelle Rachel Moulden Jhanay Williams
Hahahaha!!! Arianna Valdez Alejandra Segura Ana Claro Veaney Martinez
Mehtap Ziyametoglu Ata Meral Ata Kübra Demiryürek Beyza Nur Demiryürek. :D haha
Bitchspa ! Paco Gill Renuka Suneira Devi Shana Ismail Kelly Rashna Zafiera Chiragali
Maddi Day Jessica Kinsela Josie Harris
Jhosel Monica Marie Lorenzo
Priscilla Bijl Gabrielle Bruggeling Maaike Haamberg Lisa Wolbers
Mariam A. Salah El-Din Nadin El-Khateeb Sara A. Elnaggar Hana Ashraf Ismail Hala Maged
Yasmin Reynoso Tiffany Nop Alexandra Daggett
Crystal Reza Cecilia Serrano
Salma Bell Fatimah Al-Zergani Alaa Thaier

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