Memories From 90s Elementary School

Memories From 90s Elementary School
Memories From 90s Elementary School
Published on 10/19/2017
Memories From 90s Elementary School


I was in elementary school in the 2004 and all this stuff was still happening
Who remember getting the little furry weebles? for fundraiser sales .... elementary and middle school
What about D.A.R.E? Lol
This is just being in elementary memories
Also 80's Elementary School
I was in elementary school until 2008 and I had all this.
I was a 2000s elementary kid and it's all the same.
I work at an elementary school now and they still have every single one of these things.
Bruh I used to murk the multiplication test. I remember we used to play around the world with multiplication questions. The winner got a prize. Ooooooh everyone hated me because I'd be whippin that ass. Soon as I got the answer, a piece of them died. I ain't give a fuck though, I got the candy. Run up!
90s elementary school, nah... all that was from the late 60s, 70s when I was in elementary school.
Watching VHS tapes on the tv with wheels lol 😂✌🏾️
"Elementary school". I believe you meant HIGH SCHOOL.
Remember those yellow scooter things in gym class that always smashed the shit out of your fingers? Yeahh i loved those (:
Those arent 90 memories cause this is 2015 and all elementary schools do those same things💯✋
I want some of that pizza now😔
Elementary school was the best days of my life. Miss being young an innocent and just enjoying life without a care in the world.
Take me back to elementary school 😩
I still know how to play hot cross buns xD
Elementary schools havent changed at all. When i was in elementary a few years ago, we did all these things. "Memories from elementary school" not 90s elementary.
90's :3 The good old days. Why are the melenials getting so upset?
That was pretty much elementary school in the 80's as well
I remember all of these from my school days, but my school days ended in 1987 (& elementary school in 1979!) so I don't agree with these memories being labeled as 90's school memories!
I grew up in the 70's and it was just like this. You left out the roll and the peanut butter cookie in school lunch.
OK so these references just don't just apply to a 90's kid because I went to Elementary school in the mid 2000s I remember most of this stuff!
Meeting your friends at the pencil sharpener
Those wooden spoons 😫
Omg the pizza was the best
Ugh drinking chocolate milk with everything lol it was okay then but sounds so gross now
Every single one of these brought memories back
YESSS!!! Every single one of them!!!
I was in elementary in the 2000's and there isn't much difference from the 90's
Where are the Trapper Keepers?
You forgot scratch and sniff stickers
When the hell did they hand out pretzels?
Loved that pizza! With ranch
Irene Trejo Deniece Reza Roseanne Corletto I remember the 5o/50 bats you used to sell hahahahahhaha
Inside that little wooden hut during lunch time.
I used to like moving in there hahahah
A few got free ice cream from me hahah
Stussy s' ? I was calling it superman s'
Grew up in the 2000's but same good memories: )!!
That pizza tastes gross. But anyways, Scholastic Book Fairs were one of my favorite parts, along with SSR (Silent Sustained Reading). Reading Rainbow. And Texas Toast for breakfast was so good :) does anyone else remember the amazing school of elementary school? Fresh crayons, pencil shavings, paper?
Man we grew up in an awesome time Jennifer April those stupid blue mats with velcro.. remember those little scooters that you sat on and flung people across the gym? That was my favorite ☺
I never knew 90s elementary schools in Nigeria had similar characteristics with the 90s schools in America.
Thanks for the video.
Andrew Jonny pretty much nailed it with all of them. I was gonna tag Sabrina but this wouldn't be much of a "flashback" as she is still experiencing these things.
I don't know why this is entitled "90's" all this shit went into the later 2000s. Fuck, my high school still has some of this shit. It should just be called "throwback" Dana Christine Russell Johnelle Sacco
Marcus Smith Some of these flashbacks were stressful 😂 I think I was the only person who HATED school pizza. And I almost died from that flute thing. I tripped with it in my mouth and it stabbed my throat. My dad and step mom had to take me to the ER cause I was coughing blood for an hour.
I was in the 5th grade in 2010 and all of these occurred in my elementary school so we could extend this to my generation. That would be great lol
This isn't just the 90s??? Crayons and pencil sharpeners are still around???? This is just elementary school. Stop labeling everything old as "90s"
Awwwwwww.... I miss elementary school!!! Being a 90's kid was the best. Til this day I still hate softball. Stupid Gym class..
All these little kiddies sayin "oh I was in elementary school in 2004 and we had all this" 😂😂😂 while they're txtung on their phones on Facebook and what not....this is ALL we had guys, no cell phones, no internet, no smart boards, just chalk boards and the good old projectors, and every once in a great while the teacher would wheel in that 9,000 pound tv so we could watch a vhs movie on special occasions. NOT like today or "WAAAY back in 2004" 😉 when you youngins had a flat screen tv in every classroom and computers with internet. That's what makes the difference. You guys had this stuff too but it's all we had. 😂😂
This says memories from the '90's... I went to elementary school in the late '70's and this is what I remember. '90's!

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