Meet 4 Animal Heroes That Will Inspire You

Meet 4 Animal Heroes That Will Inspire You
Meet 4 Animal Heroes That Will Inspire You
Published on 01/17/2017
Meet 4 Animal Heroes That Will Inspire You


Omg I'd want a llama to freaking visit me if I'm sick that'd be amazing
Kabang (a dog from the Philippines) saved 2 kids that was about to get hit by a motorcycle and got it's face cut off. (Correct me for my mistakes)
the llama at the end is like erthang
Kiera Cropper Sophiee Armitagee omg the llama hero!!!!!👏😊💜
Theint Thu I want 50
I can't believe "Kabang" from Philippines is not here. He's a dog who got his upper face or mouth or whatever you call it, got cut off by saving 2 kids from a vehicle accident.
Paris Sturdevant the second one!
Kane James Victoria Judy Ann Cueno Escobar
Daniel Wahlrab Llama Hugs!!!!
Michelle Marie Chiesa Garcia
Elizabeth Ritz
i liked the two dogs
i do know a dog from philippines saved two girls from motorcycle accident and the dog lost his nose but he is still alive right now ..
Minty Minions OH MY GOWD. IT'S A LLAMA
Kaz awhhh this is the best
Derek Habas I want that llama
Awesome Kane MacFarlane
Tom Crosbie
Seriously? Facebook likes help?
Amazing, Blake Mitchell
Yasmine Mostafa
There's a hero dog in the Philippines whose face got cut off
Emmanuelle Poulin
Therapy llama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Claire Lang proof that llamas are 10 time better than alpacas
Melissa Ann Hatchew
Alexys Ruby
Nicole Rebecca Zac Hairry
Daisy Perez Sanabria
LeAnn Ruth
This is what shows that the human being is not the only rational being. Animals feel too. They are passionate and give their all to protect who/what they love. That's why a dog is more trustworthy than a man. A man can betray his most beloved, a dog cannot.
I think that as people there r many forms of heroes in animals too! Some just by being there, but others by action beyond what is normal 2 them and their environment....but all animals have a huge potential for love and affection! They don't expect anything back but love and put no condition on it now and future needs! Truly a good example!
THIS IS SO CUTE Athena Ridewood
So facebook users really help. :3
Selena Huynh freaking llama
Samantha Kunzler

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