Master Skill!

Master Skill!
Master Skill!
fight girl lol
Published on 12/11/2017
Master Skill!


fun to watch but i see she isnt fighting
Real life chun li
What's the name off that girl ?
bravo juste pour la ligne !
Don't even think about to mess with her
Nezir Kuqi jo nuk bona. parameno mem bo nervoz ti e tani trrehi 😳
Whoa! Truly incredible to watch...
yaaaa air air
Chloe Bruce !!
Krijg daar eens ruzie mee.
Excelenta.bravo ei.
I guess she is fast but what would she do in a real fight ???? Probably those moves are weak.
muy bien
pa tebe ni chuk noris nebi ozenio
Nek MINIT she gets knocked the Fuck out by her shadow.
Wow!!! What a girl...
Taa by nás... :-)
Gregg i can just c u in the ring doing that lol
worst quality video I have ever seen
great movements
Ok time for the real fight cheer leading is over...
That's not even real fighting. That's gymnastics.
Du e grym,,, men tror nog ändå att hon hade nitat dig ....;) Alexandra Blomdahl
Isang bala ka lang
C est bien beau tout ça ... Toute seule lol etttt devant un adversaire ça donne quoi????????????😉
Valio gerga Bruce lee 😖😖
galing bilis kumilos
Bytka ista....
hrozná rebelka
knock you on your ass lol
Buaffff buenisima casi como yo en mis buenos tiempos jajaja
hell noez , im not gonna fight vs this girl
Le travail paye!!!bravo pour les efforts que tu as réalisé.
Αντε να εχεις τετοια γυναικα και να αργησεις να πας στο σπιτι.
Ai gogo dzmao raaaa.erthi egethi momca kaklis xeebs davabertyinebdi
Did anyone else think, "Mortal Kombat"? Literally my first thought
Alisa Kalg sa Chichagos v? :D
Could she defeat Jackie Chan? ))
Waw! Super
Evelina Patricija Rudyte ir dar Auksvaide sako del ko bijau jos :D o jeigu ji taip moka? :D
Try that on ronda rousey
Definitely wouldn't married her
It's only an exhibition.
Gyerek ez a ribanc megpofozna.
őrá gondolsz??

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