Maribel Vs. McDonald's

Maribel Vs. McDonald's
Maribel Vs. McDonald's
Published on 10/20/2017
Maribel Vs. McDonald's


You want $15 an hour do the work of $15 an hour. I'm am EMT that works for a good company and I only make $10.50. What is society coming to?
there's no reason that a fast food worker should earn $15/hr..... nah
I don't make $15 an hour saving lives, let alone to flip burgers
Maribel should've got a education before having kids
working at macdonalds should not be a career goal, it supposed to be for teenagers trying to earn extra money go to school learn something
Fast food jobs are just that JOBS. Not careers. Sorry but I just don't agree with this. :( wish her best of luck in finding a career where she can make $15+
This is literally the biggest joke
Can't keep from putting pickles and onions on a burger when asked...Wants 15$/hr
You need to stop having kids McDonald's is only meant to be a starting base jobs for teens it was never meant for a long term. McDonald's is their for you to go through College and get your better paying job not a life time of fast food.
wtf is this? she needs to get a better job, if she doesnnt have high school she can get a GED she speaks perfect english this is stupid!!
Fuck that military dosent even make that much money and I think we do a little more than flip burgers.
This is absolutely ludicrous. I went to school to be a certified nurse aide paid $1000 plus uniforms and books and make $10.80 an hour I still live with my parents. And make around $11000. I clean up bodily fluids, risk diseases, risk back injuries, and do a hell of a lot more shit than a McDonald's worker and they want more money? To prepare food? Jeeze. America is going down the day a fast food worker makes more money than a health care worker
I'm Sorry, but a job meant for a teenager to buy car gas should NOT make more money than some of our soldiers who risk their lives for us everyday!!!
Just because she chose to have kids, doesn't mean we should pay her more to accommodate her life style
I'm sorry for being so blunt but I don't feel sorry for her. A job like that was designed for children getting used to the idea of a job. To make a little extra money for gas to school, ect. A job like that wasn't made to raise a family. It was made to be a stepping stone in a young adults life. If you want 15 an hour, get a job that pays such. What y'all don't realize is that if y'all get paid more. Prices go up. That's how a business works. And I'll be damned if I'm gonna go pay $10 for a burger so you can get paid 15 just to flip it. Get a real career like the rest of the people who want to make more money or just be happy like the rest of us. I make 7.75 an hour and you don't see me bitching for 15....I know my job is meant for high school students....if I want to make more money....I'll get my lazy ass up and find a better job. You should do the same.
People like this piss me off. I grew up poor. Lived in a 1 bedroom apartment in a family of 6 and my parents neck-deep in debt. But we made it work and I eventually helped them out of their debt. I took the opportunity to get an education. I worked hard to get where I am today and still work hard everyday. I am grateful for this country that gave me that opportunity. So when I see bullshit like this, it really ticks me off.
#1 your an illegal citizen of this country..
#2 That job is meant for young people starting out in life..its not meant to live off of
#3 stop having kids if you cant afford hard is that
I'm sorry, I have a problem with this.
As a teen, into early adulthood, I worked at McDonald's. I made decent money and paid my bills.
I now work at a healthcare facility and I have been there over 10 years and do not make $15 an hour.
I believe minimum wage should be raised but if you choose to work at certain places where you know you will start out/stay at a certain wage, that is your choice.
I have watched similar videos to this and everyone has iPhones, dyed hair and manicured fingernails. Stop with some of the things you don't need,manage your money and go to work.
I don't mean to be a bitch, but as an EMT for 9 years the MOST I EVER made an hour was $11.72. In SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA mind you. I've saved lives with my chest compressions, been hit by psych patients, sent people off in helicopter, been the little one on scene that gets into the car to make sure the patient is safe while the FD gets to play with their toys and cut said car apart. All on little or no sleep. I will step off my soap box and support this when I and fellow life savers make $15 an hour. Thank you and I'm here all week.
This is why it's hard for young high school kids and college kids to get pt jobs. They're taken by older people trying to make a career out of fast-food.
Just because you decide to have kids and not get an education make you deserve $15 an hour. I don't want to be mean but I busted my ass going to school for 5 years and barely made over $15 when I first started working. Staying at McDonald's shouldn't be your ultimate career goal.
Being a US Army soldier, please tell me why this is necessary and military personnel get paid less?
McDonald's is for teenagers not single mothers of two. $15/hr is an outrageous request.
I wouldn't bite the hand that feeds me. I would apply for better paying jobs.
She's bitching at $9 dollars an hour? #Lmao . Most people only makes $7.25 an hour so feel lucky! #Smh
What you need to do Mariebel is get yo ass to school and earn that $15.00 an hr or should've thought about not having kids.
Minimum wage raises, everything else raises in return. It's economics. Learn it.
This s*** is ridiculous. I have a college education and make under $14 an hour. So you should get to make 15 dollars an hour with no education. To flip some f****** burgers. Give me a break. Go out and get that free education that you know that they'll give you. And then maybe you can get a job just like me making under $15 an hour
She said she don't have money to pay rent. Bitch you living with 10 other people!!!! Yo rent ain't more that 100 a month
Uhm.. $15/hr... Go fuck yourself. You flip burgers and add condiments to it for money. This should not be a career goal.. If you work for $9/hr and can't support yourself and your kids get a different fucking job
BuzzFeed. This is a joke.
I'll be damn pissed if a McDonald's worker gets paid more then me. And I'm a fucking CNA I get 14.75 an hour. And I do a hell of a lot more then flipping burgers. I'm up at 430 to get to my job at 6 to do wake ups, wipe asses, feed people, shower people, get them back in beds, do exercises, entertain. Do you know how hard it is (As an 18 year old girl) to work with elderly men who haven't had sex since who knows how long, grabbing at you and sexually harassing you and you can't do anything about it. WHEN A MCDONALDS WORKER DOES SOMETHING LIKE THAT I WOULD BE PROUD TO GIVE THEM 15 AN HOUR.
Ask how many EMT's, Paramedics, and Fire Fighters make $15 and hour. Guaranteed it won't be many at all. You won't get any sympathy from me if your wages aren't enough for flipping a damn burger...
Half the people working in a hospital make less than $15/hour. They save lives. You put nuggets in a fryer. Cry me a fucking river...
Fuck this gives hard working Hispanics a bad name. It opens doors for the ignorant to paint every immigrant with the same brush.
Rather than protesting and making videos shouldn't she be using that time to develop skills for a better job?
Not talking down on maribel, but all these McDonald's employees need to learn how to get my order right before receiving 15 an hour!
Military personnel make less than that. How about you join an armed forces ?
I went to school! I'm a CNA and don't even make that much so, when u go to school then u deserve to make that much! If I go back to school I can make more! Stop complaining life isn't easy! Make a career n something else not McDonald's!! That's for teenage workers anyway!!
It's disgusting to think someone who flips burgers believes they should earn as much as the soldiers who defend this country do.
Make sure they have money to raise a family before they have one
I know guys who drive semis that make less than $11 an hour. They work 70 hours a week, spend 6 nights out of 7 away from their families, and go through all kinds of certifications to work. Yet these people want to flip burgers for half the amount of hours and still get paid more? Ridiculous. I'm all for a proper wage. But $15 is ludicrous.
And yes, $15 an hour would apply to every job where you work hourly. But not everyone works hourly. Semi drivers dont. Waitresses are expected to make it up in tips. What about them?
I'm sorry, no I'm not. I work in early childhood education and because people see us as glorified babysitters the pay is horrible, even though we must continue going to school to get a CDA, enroll in workshops to train because we have to (depending on which state) attain a certain amount of training hours every year and only get paid minimum wage. Yet fast food workers want $15/hour to put a burger together and still fuck up your order. We teach your children, we prepare them for public school, we are with your children more than you and love them like they're our own. I don't understand why people believe that fast food is more important than other professions.
Educate yourself, go to school or find a new position somewhere. Its not easy but McDonald is not worth $15 an hr.
This pisses me off! I'm not working a minimum wage job, going to college full time to make $15 and MORE for nothing?? Bullshit. Get a better job.
I'm an EMT, I worked my ass off to get my license and I don't even get paid that much...
I think that though it's sad that she doesn't have enough money for her children, but look at it from a wider perspective.
McDonalds (and fast food in general) should never be a long lasting career. it's something for teenagers or for people who want to work a second, smaller job for extra money.
however McDonalds have many job opportunities where you CAN get paid 15 dollars or more (manager for example), and if you REALLY wanted the money, you could work hard and get promoted.
But McDonalds tries to have only educated people working as manager (obvious reasons, they don't want idiots doing the check booking). I'm assuming she (Maribel) has a high school degree or was a dropout (i assume this because she still looks very young and with multiple children, which would make it hard to get anywhere in college). If she is, then being a manager would be incredibly difficult for her.
But, by raising the minimum wage to $15, 3 things are likely to happen:
1. Fewer staff. Mcdonalds won't want to hire multiple people if they have to pay the a butt load of money. Fewer staff means that the food won't be served as fast, and being mcdonalds, they pride themselves on being super fast. Fewer staff also means that more people are unemployed, so while some are making much more money, others will lose their whole job.
2. The price will go up. If they have to spend more to have the staff, they'll need to get more from the food. Say goodbye to half the dollar menu. Which also ends up being bad for the employees, because they won't get as big an employee discount. And whatever other benefits the employees make will surely be reduced.
3. Finally, raising the wage to $15 will ENCOURAGE people to stay working at McDonalds. Why should they leave when they are making bank doing mind numbing work of flipping burgers and saying "would you like fries with that?" More people stay at McDonalds, the more Mcdonalds has to spend on it's employees, the more people are fired/ laid off, the more expensive the food gets. It's a never ending circle. Also, that means less and less people in the work force of different areas, so the economy will drop from lack of people working jobs other that Mcdonalds. Making $15 dollars an hour sounds much better than going to get a college education, so people will slowly become more ignorant. Plus, tuition will rise because the college doesn't have as much people going anymore.
Some may say that "McDonalds doesn't have enough employees and they are too rich to have to worry about any of these things." Mcdonalds have over 1.9 MILLION people working for them. that is more than almost 2 times the amount of people who live in Montana state. 1.9 million times $15 is 28,500,000 dollars. that's how much McDonalds would have to spend EACH HOUR if every McDonalds paid their employees what these people are asking for.
For those who may argue "The protesters only want it in California" or whatever you may argue, if California does it, then soon every Mcdonalds will want it, because it would be unfair to make less just because you live somewhere else.
So, in conclusion, these people are very narrow minded and ignorant about what their asking for. if they want to get paid more, work a better job. If you've read all this, i applaud you, that's impressive :)
Find a new job and it's called a condom of birth control
If they raise the hourly rate to 15$ an hour, do you honestly think all other prices won't rise as well? People go to school for years to make 15$ an hour. So she's had a hard life, that doesn't mean she deserves a higher salary? That's completely outrageous. I have a child and I struggle incredibly, but I'm not going to demand higher wages for a job that doesn't even require a high school deploma. WORK FOR YOUR PAY. We cannot hand out money to evryone with a sad story.
That's life, sweetheart.
If McDonalds employees made $15 an hour, they'd get paid more than someone in the military, who is risking their life's to keep us safe. I understand she has a family, but if she really wants to provide for them, she needs to get a real career, rather than demanding a ridiculous amount of money for flipping burgers or working a register.

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