Man I'm gonna miss that sound!

Man I'm gonna miss that sound!
Man I'm gonna miss that sound!
Published on 10/19/2017
Man I'm gonna miss that sound!


gotta love the race gas white tips lol
The sound of 40mph winds
Some high dallied cargo. Driver is probably a nervous wreck.
loading the "king of the streets" onto a trailer, thats odd
I would hate to be that driver. He has to be a nervous wreck
That's a trailer full of want!
Hey I only want 1
want all
always been a fan of "built not bought" I bet the owners don't even change their own oil.
Tornadoes takes out trailer 8-D. I would cry
Just think if they stole trailers like this instead of DVD players and whatever else... fast and furious would have taken one epic turn!
Popcorn machine
WOW!!Somebody has to much money!!
How do they get out !? The drivers I bet they ride in there :o
climb through the windows lol
How much is that trailer of cars worth?! Hope it shows up outside my house.
If I could afford a $300k+ car & setup I wouldn't be wasting my time changing my cars oil either!
He'll I wouldn't want to change the oil on a lamborghini, heard its living hell
You know you got money if...
Pull a Fast 5 stunt on that truck
Trailer Queen
Voilà le monstre LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO ;)
More like trailer king... King of The Streets
In the time it would take an owner to change his own oil, he can probably make several times that amount doing his own thing elsewhere.
you see it on the streets in houston, it doesnt matter how often it hits the streets...its still a street car.
All that money and you dont even drive it? Screw that!!!
Dom Pisano Kyle Wimmer look how many are even inside
Pshhh who cares if they are trailer queens. He breaks them out to go and dominate and entire event and then take them home to bask in their glory. Surely when you take a car to upwards of 1600hp you also take on the knowledge that you are in a different class of performance car owners.
Grow up people! Some grown dang men jealous like children. Work hard and buy whatever you want and stop being negative.
King of the "streets"... All trailered. While I respect the cars for what they are, I think all entrants to the KOTS should have to be driven, not trailered.
lucky bastards
they probably do run on the streets, but if they live 1500 miles from texas, it doesn't make much sense to risk it like that.
love these cars
Those cars are gorgeous ! <3
could you imagine the cost of insurance on that trailer right now got to be at least 2 million
Just a FYI, a friend of mine has an audio event company (sound systems for large events) and on his smallest 20' trailer he pulls with his own truck, he has a million dollar insurance policy on. I'm sure if you own a transport company you are fully aware the value of these cars and you carry the correct amount of insurance.
This is the truck that the next fast and furious movie will hi-jack! lol What I wouldnt give to have that thing pull in to my driveway!
Can you imagine the insurance claim if that truck wrecked!
Y'all can come drop one off in my driveway. You'll never know its gone!
You have someone drive it at the track then you have it trailered home? Sounds like a race car not a street car
Where's Waldo.... I spotted John Reed! Hope you had fun Brother!
Trailer queens. Lol. I seriously doubt guys with pockets that big r gona drive them to the event. Why not just put a truck driver on the pay roll and fly there....
BB Chevy with a roots blower sounds a million times better
Man I am glade I am not driving that truck.
Who cares if they drive them, trailer, work on them, or just have them in a personal incubator!! If you work hard for your money you should be able to buy whatever you want and do whatever you want with. I bet everyone here talking crap about the owners and the car would do the same if they had the money!! Cause I would!! Look at jay Leno, he probably has cars that he hasn't even driven!! Or forgot he owns!! He worked hard for his money and if someone inherited the money, even better!! No one really wants to work there money. Stop the hate, congrats to those who have it and those who don't and want it, I hope you get it and enjoy!
boring sound

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