Loved the #INDvPAK Ad? You should know India has never beaten South Africa in the World Cup. Can we break the jinx? #INDvSA

Loved the #INDvPAK Ad? You should know India has never beaten South Africa in the World Cup. Can we break the jinx? #INDvSA
Loved the #INDvPAK Ad? You should know India has never beaten South Africa in the World Cup. Can we break the jinx? #INDvSA
Published on 12/11/2017
Loved the #INDvPAK Ad? You should know India has never beaten South Africa in the World Cup. Can we break the jinx? #INDvSA


2 min of silence for pakistanis who have cmntd 'india to pakka harega' . .
Being from Pakistan, Kuch mood Acha hua kal ke baad ! Well Played Star Sports !
Whoever came up with this deserves a bonus!
Being a pakistani i am worried ...
But india you are far better then our team you played well
You deserve a victory so congrats
Yes, India will definately beat South Africa in this WC Inshallah!
I am an Indian ... and honestly I was a little concerned about the IndvsPak ad being too mean.. so i hope this does cheers up the neighbors .. and I appreciate the sense of humor .. :P
This time we will win
I read some of the comments, and this is kind of a reply for them.. "This is how best friends are like - India & Pakistan.. We do feel bad when we lose to each other but we feel bad even more when the other one wins the match from some other team too.. If a friend fails it feels bad, but it feels worst when he end up being on the first place.. 😜😜😝😝😝!! "
Courtesy: 3 Idiots the movie..
*Some people had, I don't know what problem, with me using this dialogue from 3 idiots, so I thought of putting the courtesy thing here, so that I can help them save some of their time & their smartness.. 😜😜
Star Sports have come up with a brilliant idea, its humor but based on solid facts. Instead of criticizing them both teams need to workout over their weakness ...
SA has never won the WC :D
No wonder why Pakistan fans were upset...😂😂
oh.. now watch dis.. :D
by the way Congratulations to India from Pakistan :) you out played us in all departments, specially wonderful 100 from Kohli ... you deserve it :)
We can't beat India's in the Ads.
Again outstanding work !!
It good to see most of the indians giving kind comments:Thanks guys :)In pakistan as well in india there are very few people who spread hatred but mostly people are good on both sides:
श्रीलंका कभी पाक से नहीं जीता
पाक कभी भारत से नहीं जीता
भारत कभी अफ्रीका से नहीं जीता
और अफ्रीका कभी विश्वकप नहीं जीता
Hahahaha 😂😂 we wont mind loosing to africa.! 😂
inshallah for sure this time team india will break the jinx #bleed #blue
Hey guys common its game we should take it sportive n pls don't make it a country war or fight.. Thank u 😊
Ab maza aye ga jab 22 ko kohli roye ga
Ab haar bhi jaye to koi farak nhi padta ..... "2015 FAKR Hai "
We dont loosing to any team other than PAK (Our Arch Rivals ) ...... Itz OK FOR US IF INDIA WINS THE SINGLE GAME AGAINST PAK and loose remaining ones !!! WE WON ALREADY !!
meanwhile pakis will enjoy this ad 😂😂😂 rofls 😂🙈
Well, on Feb 15 match btw Pak & India, Indian team played comprehensive where as Pakistani team played a very casual & in-comprehensive match, hence Indian won it! :)
we must start taking things between India & Pakistan form the angle of rivals & not enemies. And, to give this a true colour, we need to de-tag this from the goggles of politicians.
Dear star sports team. Can we have tamil translate add for Tamil people.
and SA never won a worldCup!
It is better that one from our own race wins rather than someone else. All the best wishes to India. (From Pakistan)
yeah ! Better team wins, Indian team is better than pakistani team so they won, Africa is better than indian so they always wins, Cricket is all about how hard u prepare urself for it, :)
I from Pakistan Superb Idea Star Sports and well deserved victory for india being a sportsman.
Star Sports In 50-50 wc IND losses against SA
but dnt forgate in T-20 wc IND won against SA that also happens in SA
24th Match, Group E: South Africa v India at Durban - Sep 20, 2007
India 153/5 (20/20 ov); South Africa 116/9 (20/20 ov)
India won by 37 runs
Are tumhe to rula diya pak walo tabhi to kl TV fod rhe they
Arrey ye pataakhe vaapis karo.... bohot manhoos hain ye pataakhe. :P
Lagta hai saala bhul gaya ki t20 2007 mein semifinals mein aane se rok diya tha... India ne
Haahhahahaha.. respect to star sports to make a Outstanding ad. I even loved the pakistan one. Loveeee yalll...
M a Pakistani...we should take it easy thats beauty of media....We should work hard ......india played well they so they won.
India's Love towards South Africa is not as Strong as It's Love towards it's brother Pakistan, so we don't mind losing to SA, but when we want to express our Love towards our brother and want him to improve and want Pakistan to avoid spending money on terrorism and use the same for making a better cricket team, we express it with an open heart and a pounding performance. Love you Pakistan.... Regards, Team India....
Good one... For the people who thought the old add was for making for of them... We make fun of ourselves too... And this is called spirit.... Good going... Cheers...!!
Frustrated Pakistani’s :P now they will pray to Allah for SA win ...dear pakistani's ..u guys are going to break ur tv set again on 22nd ;)
pak never won against india .......india never won against RSA............&RSA never won ah wc :D
At last, that Karachi man had to sell the cracker box to two South Africans :p through OLX
Hahaha buT thiS Tym India will wiN.. Don'T takE Tension wE will buRn thE cRackErs...B-)
Wc me Srilanka kabhi pak se nhi jeeta ..pak kabhi india se ..india kabhi africa se nhi jeeta nd africa kabhi world cup nahi jeeta😂😂😂
Koi baat nhi 1st final jeet gye h #pak fans and #sa ko bhi harane ki kosis to jarur kerngee hi all the best for your next match #pak
That's the spirit :) welldone.
But sorry, this time that won't happen , because we are champions.....
I feel that we should all not fall in trap of the hype that is being created by media all the time when India and Pakistan play. Media gets better rating, more money and all we get is hate and tension. Media has started playing the same roll that Indian Politicians and Pakistani Military is playing to fuel the hatred and have responses for their existence for corruption. To me personally trade is important and people to people interaction because only these thing can change life of a common Indian or Pakistani. App hamri kapas lae k jain aur ham app ki sabzin barmad karain. Ham banaras ki sarain manvain aur app Peshwar ki chapal.....
now no crackers r left ...we burnt all of them after winning against PAK
so we dnt care whether we will win or lose ...
yaar ye to galat hai agar WC ki baat kar rhe ho to T20WC main humne South africa ko hraa rakha hai rhi ODI ki baat wo iss baar kar denge not pakistaani naa ODI WC main jeet paaye naa T20WC main,,,,, :*
Inme jazba hay kar laingay hamare walon ki tarah paison ki lalach aur darpook ni hain except misbah <3

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