From Bayou Drag Houston - An iconic pickup truck built to KICK ASS at the drag strip!
Published on 11/17/2017
From Bayou Drag Houston - An iconic pickup truck built to KICK ASS at the drag strip!


That truck was on the movie 'born to race'
Good thing it was entered in that contest for the movie Max. Its amazing to see how many people actually watched the movie.
Jayson Tank Myers even the waste gate rolls coal lmao.
Jake Russell Robert J Rudolph
Marty Frantz Adam Frantz
Max Kirtley ....I noticed in the video a 3rd stream of black smoke...what was that all about?
Saw that truck driving down Dixie farm in friendswood tx slicks and all it was sweet
Michael Liong Lanze Wong
"Born to race" movie truck?
Israel Duenez Bryan Lucero Bernardo Lorenzo
Khaled AL-Quraini Lezo Over Mohammed des Lop Mohammed Omer Abu-Talib Asim Abu-Talib
Raphael RohrbachDino Wicki
looks like the truck from born to race
Jared Helvie is this going to be the 12 valve in 2 yrs
Justin Buskey
Lets build yours Austin after we 2jz swap my camry
Austin Hill
Angel Roche
Was that truck on born to race??
Jamie White
Patrik Österholm
Seen it Jason Krueger! Bad ass!! I was Just wondering if you had seen this.
Scott Stacey
Mathieu Déniel montre sa a christian
Brad McGuirk show this to wayne edwards
Abner Lopez Cruz
Julito Angel Camacho
Joan Marrero
Natalie Rosario
Hector Arana
Jonathan Lopez
Fabian Kegel sowas müssen wir auch bauen ?:)
Michael Jones one for you!
Jean-Philippe Parisien Jérome Côté Seb Grandmaison
Derek V. Casasanta
Ron Izard check thus truck out
The Vapor-Machine ..TUUT!..TUUUT!....chucu, chucu, chucu.....pssss..(patetic diesel machine)
thats the truck from the film born to race
Jonny Mckenzie no smoke no poke
Harry Hutchings listen to that whistle
Daniel Alejandro Torres Pepe Torres Jesus Munoz Bernie Jaquez
Brandon Jerome Hamerlinck
Is that "born to race" film chevy??
From the movie born to race👌
D.j. Barber
Michael Barrett
Fernando Enrique
Patrick Ripper
John Adams
Lewis Devereaux
Jeb Hwa Khor Scott Lee C H air pollution
Eric Eldreth
Jose Longoria
Michael Blancett

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