Let's Actually Talk About Birth Control

Let's Actually Talk About Birth Control
Let's Actually Talk About Birth Control
Published on 10/20/2017
Let's Actually Talk About Birth Control


"this doesn't apply to smoking weed" hahhahahahaa
Guys wouldn't like changing their testosterone levels? But it's okay for girls to mess with their hormones.
What do you get when you cross LSD with birth control?
A trip without the kids.
I feel like parents don't talk about it with their daughters because they think if they talk about it and have their kid on birth control that means that the'll start having sex but in my opinion i'd rather have my kid educated and protected, than clueless and having unprotected sex.
Buzz feed, you guys should make a video about long term birth controls like depo, the implant and more with Mirana iud. I think women would benefit from learning more about long term options.
It scares me that they really didn't know much about birth control...
This doesnt apply to smoking weed... She had a BIG smile when she said that. LOL
I knew about birth control and contraceptives when I was 13 years old. I didn't need anyone to tell me, I read the necessary literature to be informed and about my body. Sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of, If we had better more comprehensive sexual education we would have a lower rate of STD's and less teenage girls getting pregnant. Keeping people in the ignorant will never be for their benefit. Parents need to provide condoms and talk to their kids about sex they need to stop shaming sexuality. Information is a tool that can greatly benefit their lives. Sex should not be taboo, it is the one thing that every human has in common.
Condoms aren't exactly safe. My friend was wearing one and got hit by a train.
What? No mention of the implant or shot? Or even the patch?
Pull out method only works if he pulls out. #lessonlearned #24weeks lol
This is ridiculous, how could so many women be so uniformed about birth control. Some of them who were actually using it still had no idea what was in it and how it worked. What the hell?! Did their doctors not explain it? Did they not Google birth control before going in for their appointment? I'm glad Buzzfeed decided to cover this with topic with experts though, I hope more young women will do some research on it. Angie Selenia
Parents don't talk to their kids about this thinking that it's going to make them have sex when in retrospect it actually makes them more educated and lowers the chances of them just have spontaneous sex.
It is scary seeing how little you Americans know about birth control...here in Australia all teenagers are taught about all the different forms of birth control (pill, condom, morning after, diaphragms, etc) in highschool during Health classes.
Do you people not have this?
Honestly this should be given to teenagers. This isn't made to promote sex but instead to prevent pregnancies. Still this does not protect from an STD, so precautions should be taken but that is an obvious. So for many reasons I would definitely be 1000% up for this to be given out to students as early as middle school. Let's be honest, hardly anyone will stay a virgin until they are married, and we have all know those girls who were already having sex or being sexually active in other forms in 7th grade; but the fault isn't all on them. Constantly we'd heard from a guy/s who 'banged, fingered, etc' to a girl. So this should be given from the "root" of the problem. NOT SAYING THAT EVERY GIRL HAS TO TAKE IT. I know due to religious , spiritual, or home customs some parents or even the girls themselves would decline the multiple methods of birth control. I just think this would be a perfect and giant step for everyone in this and further generations.
The fact that something is important as this is not talked about is horrifying. This is something that should definitely be addressed about multiple (not daily) times in homes and in schools. This isn't shameful, this is educational and vital.
Giselle Alcala Ana Torres Leslie Frausto Rios
I think that birth control NEEDS to be talked about more. Most high schools, even the one that I went to, preached abstinence as the only form of contraceptive. Teenagers, especially girls, should not be afraid to use birth control or have sex at all. Practicing safe sex is more important than not educating about it, and just telling teens not to do it at all.
I feel like the biggest question surrounding birth control, and actually reproductive and sexual health, was ignored here. That question is, who's responsibility is it? The answer is: everybody's. Men shouldn't leave all responsibility to women. If they don't want to father a child, they are equally responsible for using a method available to them, i.e. insisting on using condoms rather than just asking a lady 'are you on birth control'
Honestly you cant take everything these "experts" say to your own personal health. Different types of birth control react with people differently and I find it kind of odd that they didn't state that when they discussed effects such as weightloss, acne, and etc. I know I gained 15+ lbs. when I was on the pill while a friend lost around 10.. Gaining 5lbs. Is not uncommon nor a health issue.. Plus there's other types of birth control. As sort of an information video they should've explained ALL types.
These people are dumb
Here in Brazil we have specific biology classes about birth control in early ages and keep bringing up the subject until school ends, it's totally normal to talk about it here :)
I thought forsure she was gonna say "the best form of birth control is...abstinence" lol #throwbacktoeighthgradehealth
What type of middle school / high school did they go to that did not educate students about birth control pills in health class. I KNOW MINE DID!
If I where to put a penny in my vagina..
Would that work?
Who the hell in their 20's doesn't know about BC?...
wow....how do people in fuckin 2014 not know about this???? da fuk!
Lets talk about birth control and the real dangers that it poses to womens health!
Increase risk of breast cancer, 10 fold increase of BC if taken b/4 age 20. Lancet 1996 collaborative group on breast cancer. Increase also in blood clots, liver & cervical cancers, heart attacks, strokes & the list goes on. We need to be FULLY informed of all risks. Numerous studies on the effects just not broadcasted. Whenever we tamper with the design & function of our bodies the results are usually not too pretty.
It blows my mind that kids/teens/PEOPLE aren't being informed about shit like this. What crappy schools did y'all go to? It's all pretty simple stuff!
HUGE idiots. I went to a crappy high school and learned about all of this at least 3x. How can people be so ignorant when the internet exists
How do you not understand this kind of stuff? I knew in high school because I was curious and researched it on the internet. Planned Parenthood has a great explanation for the different types.
How is it that I attended public school in TEXAS of all places, and I still knew all this? Seriously, I don't think I sit that far in the tapered end of the bell curve.
There was so many other birth controls they didn't talk about. I have the implonon &I love it. 3 years, no periods &no babies lolol
Natasha Seyed hahaha but it doesn't apply to smoking weed 😁 *said with a big ol smile on her face" 😂😂😂😂😂👌
Truth is, they teach sex ed, but the bad news is the information given is made to have adults think that birth control never works.... That, and most of the people who come in to talk about the use of birth control are pro abstinence, which I don't have a problem with, but make birth control seem like a sin and tie it to abortion.
It needs to be talked about in the right way, as well as being taught at all in schools.
You should of said something about the implant in your arm.. I have that
Are people really this uneducated?
I just want to say to all the women out there who use birth control we do appreciate your sacrifice :)
They have birth control shots as well you get it once every three months. It's great lol
Renlie Dela Vega Saratan
Dania Tahir
CaRla Castro hahahaha answer to meh prayers
O.O wouldnt it be common sense to research BC when you start being sexually active to know your options and know how its going to affect your body?
Jacob Bower
i learned about birth control when i was younger through school and my parents. i dont understand why people wouldnt talk about it but i know it happens. I wish they brought up the arm implant form of birth control in this video because most people don't know about it. It has the least side affects and works really well. three years with no worries. but instead they only brought up two or three.
Dharini Gor
Yanni Peralta Explicaciones lol
Jerzy Avery Shapiro! Someone's explaining it!
Don't use it baes. It's deadly unhealthy!!!
So i know i never had this problem. In Canada you start sex education in like gr. 5

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