Latin Dancing Is Awesome!!!

Latin Dancing definitely beats twerking any day. Who agrees?
Latin Dancing Is Awesome!!!
Published on 11/23/2017
Latin Dancing definitely beats twerking any day. Who agrees?


Who doesn't agree*
You cant compare Twerking and Latin Dancing, they both are so different, but still heaven <3.<3
I need to head back to Mexico.
Hands down!!!
Victor Muñoz
brazilian music.. I can understand evertything ;-D
whats the song called xx
Stupid. Stupid song and stupid dancing. And no, I'm not a hater. I compliment when I feel reason to. She has a nice body though. I guess that's all that matters... to some.
i dont know but i lik to watch
Damn she has a banging ass body
Avery Durrell
Latino twerking music? I like it.
Her Body thou :o /.\ <3 .<3
Brasilian ftw
She's Brazilian
Javii Skinner
Love her body!!!
I still think salsa twerking needs to emerge...just sayin'
flat tummy only not a great body
u must never seen a twerking video shit was boring compared to twerking
R Andres Vargas
10 Times Better Than Twerking =
Her dancing was"ok" honestly.
That's Gay Af , But She Bomb Af x)
stupid song
I'm in LOVE!
I came here to see, crazy videos, not to see horny bitches
i think her Mother did this before.. *lol
Any day of the week n twice on sundays
That was trash
Ummm, i dont get it..nice body, but she cant dance.
No that was not better she doesn't dance very good at all js
To be honest Harlem shake is better
Lame. Dude you guys are starting to suck. What happened to all the good videos? Now you just post ho's doing stupid dances.
she needed a better song not that Brazilian shit!.. looks good tho!
Song sucked. Killed the whole mood.!!!!!
Hell Na!!! You get u a Lil snow bunny that knows how to twerk or even a bad ass Latina that could move that booty?!?! Owee ill take that twerkin shit any day #STOP
it's not latin dance
Idk bout da dancin part bt she fine tho
this is pretty weak.
Damn sure does & I'm gonna look on Groupon right now for some salsa classes!!! :)))
It's not
twerking is stupiddddd
Colombian Girls <3<3<3
I get boring
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