Lambo vs Vette!

1200hp Z06 vs 1500hp Lambo! CLOSE race!
Lambo vs Vette!
Published on 10/22/2017
1200hp Z06 vs 1500hp Lambo! CLOSE race!


Now if every racer had that type of attitude
Humble man respect to vette driver
I respect anyone who knows how to lose
Cool vette owner!! Respect..
And a close third was a wood fired Volvo
Props to the vette driver and props to the nasty corvette taking down the big boys (the tt lambos) and with a 300 horsepower difference very impressive
Got to be the slowest looking launch ever
What ever happened to racing from a dig?
Wait until you see the Vette in it's new form. Some serious shit is brewing.
Lambo owner… "I'll race you again" LoL nice
Down under, we'd say top bloke!!!
Sometime racing isn't about winning or losing sometimes is just enjoying The RUSH
how was that close the landbo down sifted at the biggening to give the chevy a head start then the landbo took off and bet the chevy it easy to see
Last time I raced that vette it was bone stock, I think 2009. Holy crap has it come a long way.
Where is the AMS GTR to shut both of them down
Respect someone that can take a loss with out coming up with excuses bad ass race
They didn't even leave at the same time lol?
Now thats sportsmanship
Roll racing is for PUSSIES!
lambo gives him the hit and walk in .
How is 1200hp and 1500hp close?! Lol
Very close. Good thing the finish line ended when it did! That lambo looked like it was just getting started
Fast and humble! Unlike all this idiots we run into.
Gus is an awesome stand up guy. Big ups to him and DannyTiff Gonzales at Lethal for building a Badass vette and representing San Antonio. That's the only shop I will allow to touch my vette ever again.
Dude class act!!!
Lol the camera guy at the end tryna but in haha
Chief would have been mad and vowed to never run small tires on the Crow again!!
Standup guy right there!
They really need a camera at the finish line to capture the moment better.....definitely a good race tho lol
Another Lethal Vette aka( BIG RED)doin work!
Great sportsmanship
A Lamborghini is an Italian sports car............Lambos do not exist.
Can someone explain this to me. I've only known of drag racing and circle track. What are the rules to this?
That was close as shit
But the finish was closer than the start?
That lambo was sucking him up like a Thai prostitute lol.
Gotta love muscle
Show the side view when the light turns green.
Good to see some people can take a lose and not be pissed and come up with excuses
Humble racer I respect 👏
It's Gus!!!
Good sport
the other clearly won and he was late too
Well I chose lambo as a winner because lambo is having 1500Hp engine compare to Corvette so the race was close and the winner should be lambo

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