One shot knockout Ghetto fights & Crazy videos
Published on 11/20/2017
One shot knockout
Ghetto fights & Crazy videos


Damn that was a fast swing!!
All you fucks talking about sucker punch. Just Stfu. He was facing him. It's not his fault the other guy let his guard down.
It's "protect yourself at all times" if we're square I'm gonna hit you. I don't play that whole let you hit me first shit. That wasn't a sucker punch, they were square.
That's wat the fuck u get callin that man a nigger..Damn for all these races to talk about blk peephole every fight video I watched they all referring to themselves as niggs damn they want to be us so. Bad
Look like two redneck brothers having it out who gets to sleep with the sister tonight
This is why it is smart to thrown the first punch stop talking and start swinging
2 dirty ass crackers who`s moms had to many uncles in their beds
This is funny. Every vid with a black guy doing the same thing say its a sucker punch. Am I the only one to see how messed up that is?
What did he think was going to happen when ol' boy took one step back? That should of been his indication to throw first! He deserved to get knocked out for being stupid!
Nooo he wasn't ready
Got 2 guard your grill when u in the heat of battle!
Shane Fitting the dude on the left is you lmao looks like you. Rollsky Wade Edouard Darren Roper Justyn Fitting Tammy Curtis Anthony Harraden Molly MacDonald Breanna Tatel
Aint no such thing ad a sucker punch when your in somones face callin them a bitch you better expect to get whoomped
Lights out big mouth!
Look mom no teeth!!!
Bye felisha!!!
I don't understand people who think that's a cheap shot he was in the guys face is he supposed to broadcast that a punch is coming in 2 seconds. Rule #1 always keep distance
Even as a child u learn body language and tone... When ur mother yelled your whole name u knew u had a ass whoopin coming-did u not walk towards them with caution.. Same idea-if u know there's a problem don't go looking with out being ready... It's like seeing a burglar in ur house and u just walk in and say hello I see u with no weapon or anything to protect urself... Any one who thinks it was a sucker punch has never been in a fight... Cause I never knew people had to announce when they were going to hit u... Stupid dumb fucks
Elvin Araujo Michael Starner Delonte Sewell Carl Lane Anthony Gladney
You talking like you know them
Fuck both those lil dick trailer park sister fuckin white trash mutha fuckas
Dam that shit was like a glitch or something it was so fast lol
Talkin when he shoulda been listnen
probably fighting about whos going to fuck the sister tonight
Those cheap shot are gay as hell. This don't make you a badass, but an asshole yes!
This site posts all these" amazing knockouts" but they are all pussy cheap shots
Fast fucker
Jacob Hovet Flaatnes August Wahlberg
Terrance Robinson
Shut up dumbass
Shouldn't of let that fool walk up on him
Bet he won't waste time talking next tume
Lee Carr
true true never look away
Callum Guiney Greg Williamson
Dont ever call a white boy the n-word!!! Lol
World's style
James Miller
skin heads
Shaker Elmassry Fayye Prince Boateng
That's the motto baby u buck up u fuck up
sucker punch
fuckn nazis
Dummy. Talk is for the weak.

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