Kittens Learn Things For The First Time

Kittens Learn Things For The First Time
Kittens Learn Things For The First Time
Published on 12/10/2017
Kittens Learn Things For The First Time


That very last kitten was mine! :D
He loved to play in my lap lol
So cool, my name is in the credits (:
It forgot "boxes are more comfortable than beds"
The last part should be:
Black and blue
white and gold
You're making me want a damn kitten -___-
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHH 😍😭😍😭😍😍😭😍😭😍😭 my heart is now a puddle.
I'm crying right now. My kitten Jax was a little bit older then these babies and he got sick and crossed the rainbow bridge. I wish he was still here.
I awwwed like 20 times watching this.
Makes me miss my cat. He died recently. Such a great cat, he answered whenever you talked to him. He was extremely loving. He followed me everywhere and came whenever I called him. He was almost a dog.
Human can be worst enemy too. :(
I know you do..very cute
Okay. So I'm going to say it. I think kittens are cuter than puppies. 😮😱😊 phew glad I finally said it. Like ripping off a bandaid.
If it's feline, no matter how big or small it's adorable.
Cherry on top of my day
Look at the little buddies! The kitties are so cute. I love them all!
You forgot, "If you're not careful, you can catch something called these hands." My cats know this!
That's why I love animals more than humans
Yea....i just think of this
I never grow tired of these.
I loved this video. My 7 month old Sunny I rescued at 5 weeks, did many of these things . I was her teacher, helping her to learn many things. She was spared to early from mom cat, sad. I did my best to help her learn.
That's cute. I have 4 baby kittens. My grandpa doesn't like kittens
Thats fuckin AWESOME!!!!,I remember the Human is your best friend part I used to do that to ALL my lil kitties!!,& they LOVED It!!
kittys :O
Heloisa Reis
George Sakr this is why we need kittens!
No cat will ever be your best friend they go to who ever feeds it
Tarin Posey
Makes me want to go and adopt kittens now. I want a kitten so bad and I know my daughter would love to take care of one. Chann E. Kin the problems, you know who
You had me at "Kitten".
Your human is your best friend unless they like to abuse animals
Omg I love it!!! ❤️💙💜💛💛
This make my heart warm
My favorite was the dryer..or the
Aeww!! 😍😍😍😍
Kittens r the cutest
OMG 😆! I laughed and smiled throughout the video .. Thank you Buzzfeed 🐱💗
I have no words!☺️
😍😍😍😍 cat/kitten
Babies !! 😍😍😍😍
trop mignon ! Moon (8 mois) aussi adore mon imprimante !
Debs Merino
Jessica Blacker
Charli watched this with me and was fascinated
Awwwwwww kitties!
I just lost my manliness to this video...
Lovely! OUR SWEET catbabies:)
Cool !!!!
that was just so sweet!
I had to snuggle my kitten after this video

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