Kill me please

Kill me please
Kill me please
Published on 10/20/2017
Kill me please


This is horrible animal abuse because... What kind of sheets are those: cotton? ATROCIOUS. Cats only deserve silk under their furry butts.
The slow tail wag is the equivalent of a slow hand clap, done very sarcastically
Waitin for the "This is animal abuse" comments
I know im not the only one who was like holy shittt a baby panda watching tv 🐼📺 !! Lmfaoo 😂
Cats like.. "If you wonder why I didn't use the litter box, this is why"
Alfredo he's probably thinking, " this bitch put me in this damn costume... But wait... I kinda like it... It's kinda comfy..." 😂😂😂
The cat is like when I get out this costume, I'm fuck y'all up lol
Lol, From the looks of it, its not the first time
Lol the cat doesn't look impressed
The cat's like "I want to move, but I don't want to disturb the panda" XD
Im so tired of your shit human 👿👿👿
La mirada de "te matare mientras duermes por esto" del gato no tiene precio xD
Sitting. Plotting revenge. Patiently waiting....
Girl : does the kitty kat like its new coat.
Cat: fuck u
They're watching Dora The Explorer in Mandarin Chinese.
Omgggg 😍😍😍
Am I the only one that thinks this is cute
...Her name was Lola, she was a the Copa...Copa CatPanda! :O
Though was stuff animal
I have a few cats. I feed them, shovel their shit, buy them toys and give them lotsa love. If I wanna dress them up on occasion then they have to "suffer" through it! 😻
*plotting revenge* first when you take this thing off me I will act sweet then when u pick me up to try and put it on me I will claw your eyes out so u won't be able to see how to put this on me!
He sittin there thinking "waitin til this bitch leave I'm clawing all the furniture and spraying the house"
not a happy kitty, his street cred has been ruined
"oh, I am going to poop in a place where you will smell it, but you will never, never find it.."
Noticia de ultima hora brutal asesinato en la capital un hombre y su pareja fueron encontrados descuartizados en varios pedasitos la unica pista que tiene la policia es una especie de manta con forma de panda ensangrentada. Al parecer fue un acto de rencor
Pobresito, se nota que esta de mal genio
Cat lookin like, "can i help you? Im clearly watching tv. Bye felicia. "
Abuse is what would happen to me I'd I tried to put my cat in that thing!
"Do you mind? I' trying to catch up on my netflix"
That wagging of the tail is not a happy kitty, it's more like mom catching you doing something and she's tapping her foot, contemplating punishment...
Cute and trust me if the cat didn't like it you would know lol!!
poor thing
Cat... is not.... amused... Haha. 😂
That cat is plotting murder 😹😹😹
Why do you people make an argument in the comments over everything, smh, all I saw was cuteness.
The cat's like could please step aside I'm watching TV lol
Noooooo que delicioso!!!!!! <3
I thought it was a real panda , but anyways it's SOO fluffy 😂😻😻😻💕
"I will kill you in your sleep, hooman"
That poor, poor, kitty! The abject indignity is too much to BEAR!
this cat probably hates its life
I'll get tuna for this"".
Why would you dress up a cat it's cruel
And that's the last time grandma saw fluffy. Haha 😂
I thought it was a stuffed animal 😂😂 then I saw the tail ahah
tired of your shit human
The tail looked like something els 😂😂
Madness!!!...... Go and buy a stuffed one if your still wanting to play dressing up games....

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