Kids Who Totally Nailed Their School Recitals

Kids Who Totally Nailed Their School Recitals via America's Funniest Home Videos
Kids Who Totally Nailed Their School Recitals
Published on 11/19/2017
Kids Who Totally Nailed Their School Recitals
via America's Funniest Home Videos


The piano one... 😂
Not the baby Jesus!
I hope I get my daughter doing something like that on camera bahaha
LMAO that boy falling off the stage xD
The one where the girl almost fell at 40seconds, but caught herself acting like nothing happened. That is damn good preforming. :-D
This is the only reason parents go to school recitals
Kim, this is funny. I laughed harder than I should have, especially when baby Jesus fell over!
This is how lynnea really dances ha ha
I've had my fair share (probably). but the one I remember most was in high school dance class. it was a group dance, we did a jump, and instead of landing on my feet. I stumbled back and landed on my butt. I was mortified then, but laugh at it now.
0:22-0:27 "you done fucked up the lines Jerry, now you bout to catch theses hands " 😂😂
Ashley Wade Beth Ashburn Cheryl Williams the way our year is going our recital might look a little like this 😂😂😂
~laughing~ awesome. :D
Hannah Suchodolski, we totally should've been in this for that hip hop class we took 😆😂
There was a recital I was in when I was little and during the performance and as I was walking off with everyone I was picking up sequins from the floor, and you can hear on the camera my dad saying "I will burn every sequin factory in the world."
Karen Diaz it's official if I accidentally have a kid, I'm going to sign it up for recitals just so I can see this happen!! Lol
:28 hahahahhaja 😂😂😂😂
0:25 epic 👍👍👍
The baby Jesus one... when the girl fell everyone stayed put.
Wow rei un buen espero q no
Buahahahahahaha. Reminds me of own moment of embrassment .
I wanted more! These are so funny!!
Now that's some funny stuff…
No one said anything about the little boy slapping the crap out of the little girl in front of him! WOW I could hear that loud and clear.
Muito ruim quando isso acontece !!! principalmente com crianças. ...Que pena !!!
Love! =P
I love afv.
Hahahah best
... Soooo cute ... Rsrsrs
Then there's me who yawned, like really obviously, right in the middle of it when the whole thing was being filmed
I do im sure but have so many videos of you all n would have to go through them, why?
Kid falling off stage- That was the most hilarious part!
Glad that wasn't a real baby....
haha! thats just great
1:12! Hahaha
Film not very clear but cute
hahahaha they all won!!!
Hahahahahahah cute :* :)
Angelica B. DOBBs lmao
Well I'm going straight to hell. The only one that made me laugh out loud was Baby Jesus.
kid killed baby jesus XD!!!!!
super like and a good laugh except for my concerns that hope the falls did not hurt anyone...
Okay 0:40.... That is SO easy to do in tap shoes.

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