Kids Who Lost The Fight Against Sleep

Kids Who Lost The Fight Against Sleep
Kids Who Lost The Fight Against Sleep
Published on 10/20/2017
Kids Who Lost The Fight Against Sleep


HOW do they sleep in some of those positions ?!?! Bella you were once found asleep in a box - scared your mother to near death when you were 'missing'
I wanna know the name of that song.
Lmao them kids be falling asleep on the wheel and I still be falling asleep on every toilet -_- lol
Kids?? This is me every damn day haha Glenn Cameron-Smith Elly Bensted Sally Hagen Josh Davies
This song makes this video 5X better tbh
I just I had my camera when my kids and now grand kids fought the same fight... And LOST ! LOL!
they fought the good fight..dwl
What kind of parent runs for their fucking phone/camera to record when their kid is asleep in a potentially dangerous position??
Lol little timmy is falling asleep in the bath! Better record it so when he busts his head open falling, cps will have video evidence of my shit parenting.
Anyone know the name of that song?
What's the song title? Thanks
Kym me.
Small children aren't even supposed to be in hot tubs. I can't help but think that allowing that baby to sleep while floating on it's back, with its head partially submerged could put him/her at serious risk of overheating. 😕
Out of four kids we never had one who fell asleep like that!
Nicole, our kids put up a good fight, but I would love to watch them get KO'ed against sleep.
Sixtine Guitton some of these positions are ridiculous
Does anyone know the song in this clip???
Amber Allison lol girl this reminded me of ur kids. I have seen the random posts of how u find them asleep!! Lol it's really too cute!!
Emma Louise Smith this is the best. I remember Koby doing this. You wait until you find your kid like this and thing you're kidding right this can't be real. It's so funny
Get that stick out of your ass and live a little, your family must be bored to death of you. This is hilarious 😂
The onlt issue i have is the kids that are half naked on the toliet even they derserve privacy and not have their lil as's spread all over the internet and letting rhem drive rheir lil cars asleep.. Wow SMMFDHO
I have a picture of my oldest nephew when I took when he was sleeping like the one here where his looks like he falling out of bed with legs hanging out an his butt against the rail
Yes like my grand daughter waiting for her mom to get the dishes done so they can play with your big doll house like I'm talking about you Melanie Menard
One of my sons would sleep in the cupboard. The other would sleep in his toy box on top of his toys, looking up at the moon, LOL
Tessa- I hope you're catching up on sleep so you don't end up like any of these kids.
Avin Kataria Sagir Fahim pretty sure this was you guys as kids...........
It isn't funny they could fall asleep in the shower or bath or walking down the stairs its not a laughing matter
Tristan Moon Katrina Dawe Kelsey Gitzel Brittney Judd Jayden Herzog Kirsten Rodacker Dalen Mervyn everyday at school!
LaRanda Marshall this reminds me of you falling asleep on the inner tube on Lake Elsinore when you were being pulled by the boat. Remember?
Life is so exiting, man, who wants to sleep
There's always that one "perfect parent" comment. Just shut up and laugh the parents were obviously right there.
Freja - håber også du holder kameraet klar 😂😍 ..
I remember all 3 of our girls falling asleep in their hight chairs and their faces falling into the food!!! And the kicker? None of them woke up!!!
Not Funny!
Damn Stupid!
Most Dangerous and
Lack of parent supervision!
Do something before your
Child falls and brakes his
Neck or drowns.
Nice music.but its dangerous for the baby
Nick Hogan other kids fall asleep on the toilet too!! Lmao
aika in class John Bautista Aika Ojascastro Sarah Jeanette Pagliero Samantha Willis Sheyla Preciado Dale Mallari Sheyla Preciado Ainee Baraero Shyana Massey
Narie Tracy Xavier Cori Joy Troy Sharon 😊
Nahidul Islam Asif Rifath Shammo Rakib Hossain Rafa Tahsin Sabiha Mahbub
Vjosa Vildane Belinda mu knaq tu i kqyr😍
AnneCooke Ryan Cooke Michael Cooke Alex Baillie Anzhela Skjærstein Irina Zubchenko Ирина Шостак
Patricia Madueño Gregoria Madueno Maria Carmen Madueno Luke Harney Lovina Paje Katie Wong Sameerah Osman
i just wanna sleep too Sydney Cheung Sina Pfupajena Aileen Catalan Kaylx Su Erika Zheng
Me eryday Georgia Shanelle Taylor Liv Sarah-Jane Annabella
Matt Sanasi Josh Martin Palandi next time we need to fight this battle better.
Javad Javati Yaghoubi Yasin Sharifi Amir Mohseni Milad Haidari Murtaza Haidari Kazem Alijani
Aymen Waqas Amna Ejaz Amna Waqar Waqas Iqbal Amal Ejaz Afshan Ejaz Sundas Nabeel Zoya Waqas Xoya Haroon
RobYn Becky, Grace Petra...the kids on the toilet.
Melanie Fleischmann

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