Kids play chicken with truck.

Kids play chicken with truck.
Kids play chicken with truck.
Published on 11/17/2017
Kids play chicken with truck.


WTF that ain't thug that's a straight dumb shit
That was Chuck Norris
Fucking idiots, that lad gets killed, the driver loses his income, the lads family and friends suffer selfish prick
How the fuck is that possible?
hoped he died
I bet his pants were full of shit like his head. Tried to outrun it!
Should have flattened the cunt could have got the driver killed
the old roll and run
Thats not being a thug, its being a moron!!
Dumb ass motherfucker!
This ain't thug life this is retard life what a fool
thats frogger not chicken
Omg even though that aint thug wow lucky boy
Erdal Kilichahahaahah hahaha
Kids today are definitely getting dumber!
WoW fuck that was awesome! fucking rubber kid!
That's how they get kill
Yeah right !!!
Thick life
That's not thug that plain stupid. That guy smoked too much.
I was kinda hoping he was dead.
if it would have been Chuck Norris that got hit, the truck would have been destroyed.... just saying Er Can
Why didn't the fuckwit just keep running across the road instead of trying to run from it
Fuck that shit
Lucky kid.
Looks like it was a box truck. Kid was damn lucky it wasn't a semi Cuz NO WAY he'd have stopped so quickly!
Dumb ass kid
all say thank you to ABS....but wtf were those kids doing??
#Godmode on
Weak af 😹😹
respawn time 2-3 sec

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