Kids Getting Stuck In Stuff

Kids Getting Stuck In Stuff via America's Funniest Home Videos
Kids Getting Stuck In Stuff
Published on 11/19/2017
Kids Getting Stuck In Stuff
via America's Funniest Home Videos


Hurry up! Take a video of your baby while it has a jar stuck on it's face! I giggled at most but stuff like that would be scary. :\
Babys head tightly stuffed in jar. No room for air to come in....babe go grab the camera. Dumb cunt.
That last baby in the toilet is this funny to you b*tch!?!?!
The plunger one and the jar one is actually scary, they might want to breathe...
Some parents are all means, let your kid suffocate to death with a jar on his head or a plunger on his face.
This is so wrong but so adorable...<3
Holy fuck, people need to lighten up, it suppose to be funny, not fuck me that kid is stuck and he could die
Some of these are really scary! Can the kid breathe with his face stuck in the jar? How about the kid with the plunger stuck on his face? Can't possibly be able to breathe!
Omg loll
Some of you so called "parents" need some serious help!!! The plunger on the face for instance, didnt think he might not be able to breath???? Thats so funny...... Not!!
some of these look more dangerous than funny.
I feel like all of the people filming this are terrible, some of them could/were actually in danger Noah P Johnson
Cathal Doyle so funny!!!
The one with the jar is actually abusive. Your child cannot breathe. Half of these ppl taking video while their children are in distress just proves how people are more concerned with getting views on social media at their children's expense. I don't think it's funny at all. I think people forget what it was like to be a kid and I'm pretty sure you didn't appreciate being laughed at when you're potentially being injured. Crappy ass parents.
Ha ha
Lighten up, obviously all these kids are fine or the video would not have been posted, in the future they will laugh at it. I am 24 did lots of stupid things, getting stuck in things when I was little , my family took a quick video or picture then helped me.
Are we seriously at this point in life where your child could be suffocating but its more important to make a video and laugh before you help them?!
Tessel Speelman Anna BooijCarmen de VriesJorinde VersteeghJozefien VoorhuisLotte KampschöerNina RozendaalGuusje MartijnEmma van WijkJuliette van der BeekQuirine BaartMadelon BrandEline van ApeldoornKirsten FeenstraRolien Vd TorrenRomy Goudswaard dit is echt me lievelings hahhahaha
this is one very cute but funny video
Noreen-Larry Delahunty Mags Mullarkey... I recall a Mullarkey in the gate of your staircase but can't remember which of us, I want to say big head Jamie and then there was Lara getting stuck in the trampoline oh and of course the "who can fit down the laundry shoot" game. We weren't the best influences on one another 😂😂😂
Devin Ingersoll this made me think of you getting your head stuck in the rails at the giant balloons in the Westminster mall or your finger in dad's brand new PlayStation game. Lmao! You're reckless 😜
All those mothers are dumb cunts. Half of them couldn't even breathe but had to keep a memory of that. How about when ur child dies, would u show people how he died when u did nothing? Fucking morons
Chris Masaoka Ash Warlum they need an animal version of this with a section for dogs locked outside in the rain. Chris' favorite!
Wow this video is hilarious! 😂😂😂
Simone Emilia Astrid 👌🏼
This freaks me out! Makes me feel claustraphobic or something! The jar on the babies head specially horrible!
Why do parent think this if funny to film is not funny it scary
wtf.. the baby could have died being stuck in the jar with no air.. and the dumb bitch wants to laugh nd video it.. she needs to be in jail for abuse..
Wtf is with these people. Kids in obvious distress some in danger and yet they pause to get the camera out. Idiots
This stuff is no where near funny
Anna Kyriakides Cara Raso Courtney Hayes Sharon Telford-Kohlhardt Kaushalya Kohlhardt Jemma Kohlhardt Tajah Martin Shanna Niehsner Oliver Phua
That second clip with a he baby's head in a jar is not funny. That baby could not breath.. Some people 😤
Omg the plastic jar thing on the baby's head made me feel sick. He wouldn't be able to breathe... Nafsika Kambanaros
If i seen my kids head stuck in anything my first reaction would be to get my kids head out of there ASAP not grab my video camera because it looks funny... 😞
That first one pissed me off.He could have been suffocating and all she could do was laugh and get a video....I would say parenting fail..
Who ever posted this most really wanted to get chewed out Kuz the comments are rolling ctfu
A lot of that is downright scary, not funny.
I can picture bubu like these kids getting stuck lol Daniel Pardo
So do any of you imbeciles think the videos would be posted if someone died? Accidents happen all the time, grow up.
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omg watch this is hilarious
Rachel Turton Lidia Zappa Sabrina Ali Maddy Williams Sarah Carr 😂😂😂😂I'm dead
Dårlig dag? Ku' være værre! :D :D
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Mejse Sia Maria Rebecca Caroline Mille Rolandhahahahhaha😂
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Émilie Blais Katrine Paquet Lisa-marie Rodrigue Amy Morin-Poulin Marie-Christine Bégin Pier-Ann Roy Emilie Gendron 😂😂 J'serais off, mais c'est drôle plus que tout Hahahahahahahaha
Lise Linea Heidi Rita 😂😂
Áine Lawless Mary Dawkins Georgia Murphy Kayleigh Malone Sheila O Rourke Aisling Broaders
Jacob, Jonas, Renè, Morten, Morten, Dan, Stine, Christine.
Jeg hader bare når det sker 😂😂😃
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