Kids Do Their Moms' Makeup

Kids Do Their Moms' Makeup
Kids Do Their Moms' Makeup
Published on 10/18/2017
Kids Do Their Moms' Makeup


"The most important thing is you feel beautiful inside,and wear a lot of glitter" 💗
I love the little girl that said "a banana can be beautiful" she already knows beauty comes from within ❤️❤️❤️
I think what makes this video awesome is the fact that they involved both male and female genders for the kids. It helps kids to understand that when someone likes a hobby, it's not because they are a "girl" or "that's only for boys" but that themselves enjoy it. Also links in with beauty if you think about it ;)
My 4 year old niece put make up on me A 29 YEAR OLD MAN and told me I looked "hamsend" handsome. So we went to buy ice cream like that. People were staring at me, but she thought I looked good with the make up she put on me. So I Owned it. Hahaha. Good memories.
"Ive seen people do it on TV." LOL so cute!
A banana is pretty hahaha
The little girl who said somebody is beautiful when they like somebody and the little girl who said a banana is pretty. But then again they were all so cute.. :-)
I LOVE the little girl in the black and white heart sweater...she has a very high confidence level
Giulia " a banana is pretty" aahahaha
I let my girls and son do my make- up and hair always. I wear it with pride. I teach them beauty comes within. The most beautiful person can be ugly if they dont have a beautiful inside.
Judy Zhang a banana is pretty Ellen Xu
Heather L Donaldson get ready haha
so Stephanie Goeders and Monica Boyd I'm going to need you to get your girls to do this, caz this was hilarious
Marilyn Harrington Isabella Goddard Alycia C. Alfano Rachel Young Gabrielle Adams Lydia Mae Hampe this is so cute send help
Yes. Beauty is inside - and sometimes outside when someone makes you feel that warm tickle in your tummy. And do wear lots of glitter!
Amy Vidal
Remember when u did my makeup and Aunty carmela's , Jayde Destefano, Chiara De Stefano and Jaimi De Stefano
Alejandraa Lopezz that lil girl that said banana can be beautiful too! lmao sounds like u bruH! xD
not being racist i promo
Roberta O'kane Amy Hamilton Rhea Kane
Husman S. Hussain "A banana is pretty" im cryingggggg Jenna TedescoDeborah NurediniChristina Zisko
Fahira Fuadi Aliza Nuraini Norden Afiey HazieyQah
Great but how amazing is my dad who let me put makeup on him, painted his nails, and put perfume on him <3
shoooot if a banana can be beautiful so can i :D
Bushra S. Azhar
Isra Sarfraz Anum Ghani :D
Jan Rojas a banana is pretty. Lol. Can shar do your make up?!
Ahahahahahahahahah how cute now lets try this on potato he can be our mommy Pindu Kang Julie Toranian
Jasmin Harvey Samantha Ingram Carrie Roberts Sian Calderwood So adorable!
InYoung Cho Mizuha Ogawa EunSol Lee 개귀여움
Ayesha Younis Muntaha Younis Iqra Asif Basma Chaudhry Anusha Raheel
Jaycey Elizabeth Ward
Violet Rodriguez Carolina Ulloa Mary Plata Cecilia Toquillas
Holly Riffe, Linda Robertson, Whitney Harden, Steffanie Michelle Tucker, Lindsay Odell, Stacy Horner...I'd like to see pics of you girls letting your kids do your makeup :) hahahaha!!!
Alyssa Sioux
Yesi London Edward Urban Bla H Melendez Gabriela Marty
Guthriessa Tjiong Jennifer Brady
they did grat but some did bad
James Hrdwkpaysoff McGee lol! Look at Jayla and Jaz
love it
this would be a great mother/daughter day with a group, teach them the difference between the two, inner and outer beauty. As Grandma would say, pretty is as pretty does.
what a pity that all those rich, have to look perfect all the time, kinda people dont have kids like these, maybe they would appreciate life a little more
You rock mommy
Talia Jamal
Am I annoying you yet, Miriam Botello? Look at this one lol
Kelsey Nuttall
Youssef Saad
They're adorable
" ... A BANANA is pretty ! "

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