It's time...

It's time...
It's time...
car truck jap that clutch
Published on 10/21/2017
It's time...


thats it? thats like a girl going down on you only to stop right when she touches it
Well that was a fucking waste of time watching that
Hahaha xD its a toyota bitch its a car that can take out most supercars :D
sounds like it's time for a clutch.
It's just a supra....
Time for what???? It's a Toyota ... WTF
Sick cars! 1k hp supra just keeps on spinning!
I like tacos
You need to come to Indy at some point. We kill it out here
The red truck is was horrror truck
Uhm... okay... What, did I miss something? Let's see how it runs....
Jasson Aguirre
Who's supra is this?
Brett Dupree Andy Whitcomb -___-
Solomon Kinzie Hawver
I own a supra and that was a waste of my time..also that's clutch chatter everyone, calm yourselves
I want to race it
Oberschlesier Ślonzok lol you just dont wanna see a vette or viper get beaten by japanese muscle 2jz life 4 ever
Japs scrap...
1320, give some vette or viper or stang here, not japs junk
Whats with the insults hernandez? You lil mexican
Natanael Jordão
Armando Salazar
I see all the "jap crappers" are tools that drive stock GT's. Come on kids.
Samantha Louise
Allan Islamovic
Jap crap smh :/
Parking lot takeover every night. .
Kyle Pouliot
Conner Briscoe
Oh my goodness
More, more, MORE.
Have fun and be safe I wish I was down there racing
1320 videos no slow cars their & Cmon guy a supra with a huge exhaust sticking out who know how much power hes pullin the least he has is 400 thats forsure
Mustafa Quadri
Its time to go to Mexico!
Why you gonna make fun of Mexicans ? It's car talk here, and you ain't got much to talk about @jason Stettin
It's time.....for a clutch lol
Remember ddddduuuuuuuu = SELENDER TRUCK
Teh thin dammit car just like an truck
Aaaaaand then what
Time for? Another supra video.....
Kevin Cortez
Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnbn
Drooooooooool Jesus Sosa
nice supra

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