Is Your Co-Worker Flirting Or Just Being Nice?

Is Your Co-Worker Flirting Or Just Being Nice?
Is Your Co-Worker Flirting Or Just Being Nice?
Published on 12/11/2017
Is Your Co-Worker Flirting Or Just Being Nice?


I would like to hear this from the guy's perspective. Cuz I feel like this is a situation every girl feels like she is in, lol
Spoiler alert: he's gay
That didn't answer the question :/
Yea i thought that once, then i found out he had a boyfriend. soooo....
It's 2014.. Whether he's flirting or not if you're gonna waste that much of your time and energy on dissecting every minute move he makes jus ask him out already... Geez. The worse thing he can say is no.
He filrts and shit and then its like hey meet my girlfriend! And youre like wait what?!?
Oh man, these were my torturous thoughts as a single gal... SO HAPPY THOSE DAYS ARE OVER!!!
Fuck the game, just say I like you and be done with it. Of course, I'm not really one to talk, liquid courage go!
I was kind of expecting the ending to be something like, "Allison, I'd like to introduce you to my wife."
Maybe the co-worker really likes the other, and masks it under nice gestures and small acts of kindness. Whenever at the brink of almost getting found out, he buries the act and pretends as if he doesn't. Relationships and feelings that bear consequences are very difficult to handle. He may be at best trying to hold it all in as hard as he could as to not create an awkward vibe between the both of them. For all we know, the female may just be over analyzing things, but on the other hand, the guy shows these things whether deliberate or otherwise which sends off signals, albeit the wrong ones.
This shouldn't be as complicated as it already is. Too bad, not all admirers are that courageous to take a leap. Most, in fear of the worst, let moments pass, let words be kept unspoken, feelings unheard. Until it all dies quietly inside.
I can't believe I said all of that.
And then you have the guts to tell them you like them, you get shot down, next day he wont speak to ya, or as a matter of fact NEVER AGAIN,deletes you ftom social media and you have to move desks as you sit NEXT TO HIM.
#storyofmylife #truestory #dontlookatcoworkers #awkward #douche
Take this advice.. Don't date anyone at work I don't care how hot the individual is! Lol
DONT DO IT! It's a trap!
Omg Part 2 please.
My old boss would come into my cube and literally put his balls on my shoulder!! When I told other people they were dying laughing because it was so true. He never got that close to anyone else. He would even sit on my mega pile of post-its!
guys plz the msg is clear : do not think too much about co-workers the fact of being nice doesn't mean i want something back ..just friendship =)
If every nice gesture means you're flirting I guess I will re-evaluate my life and stop being kind.
I met my wife at work.
Girls thinks too much while boys is only thinking "beewbs"
Why is it always girls?? I wanna hear the uncertainty of a man!! Lol
The first time I see a guy friendzoned a girl..
I like some chick at work but I don't treat her different from anyone else. I'm never gonna bag her :/ but I'd rather keep my job than get a girl.
Okayyy.. I waited 3 minutes and 3 seconds to find out the answer andddddddddddddddddddddddd Buzz feed walks away saying nothing.... :D
My partner is nice like this. He'll say hi, hold doors opens, shout drinks and joke. He's faithful but he also doesn't get how a girl could misinterpret his actions. Some guys are just naive and sweet like that. ☺️
Well this didn't answer if my girlfriends coworker is flirting with her or not :/
I loved this. Her constant inner monologue is something I can very much relate to. For better or for worse! BuzzFeed Video does it again.
David swear to God babe. This was always me with you last year
Haha that's why you should never assume!
So was he flirting or no? Lol
Mireya Hernandez
Sofia 😂😂😂👏👏👏
Note to guys...don't fcking do that!!!
anyone else notice that the song title they used for the video is called "clear case of friendship"?
This would have been interesting from a mans POV it's funny but makes women look dumb
It said at the end clear case of friendship.
Just because a guy is being nice doesn't mean he's already flirting with you.
Nowadays, being polite/courteous is mistaken for being flirty...
In the end it says 'clear case of friendship'
Omg I battled with this for so long one time. Turns out he was actually just really nice lol.
I still don't get it...
Her scream in her head while drinks her wine. 😂😂
Just when you thought he's flirting and all signs are saying yes...Surprise! He's not into you. :p
Hilarious! Lol for me it's the other way around! I'm not flirting just being nice to everyone!!! Jaja
Sometimes guys can just be friends to girls and without having anything else going on
Victoria Krishna
Ora Davis see people can be nice and talk without flirting 😏
Crystal Chung my life summed up T.T
Clearly he's just being nice. Relationships and work can be bad news anyways. Especially when they don't work out. Then you have to see them every day.
Samantha Solagnier she thinks he is flirting.. he is just being nice.. girls that are overdramatic
Caitlyn Hill

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