Inspiring: The Oldest Working Nurse In The United States Turns 90 And Still Going! .. She Has Served As A Nurse For Nearly 70 Years

Inspiring: The Oldest Working Nurse In The United States Turns 90 And Still Going! .. She Has Served As A Nurse For Nearly 70 Years SeeSee Rigney, an operating room nurse at Tacoma General Hospital in
Inspiring: The Oldest Working Nurse In The United States Turns 90 And Still Going! .. She Has Served As A Nurse For Nearly 70 Years
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Published on 10/23/2017
Inspiring: The Oldest Working Nurse In The United States Turns 90 And Still Going! .. She Has Served As A Nurse For Nearly 70 Years
SeeSee Rigney, an operating room nurse at Tacoma General Hospital in Tacoma, WA, celebrates her 90th birthday with her coworkers, and six decades of nursing. She is an inspiration to all! God bless you my friend. We love you and can only hope to have half of the energy you have at your age.
Video Credit To Martie Schultz
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Why is this not on national news instead of people killing each other and other negative news. Celebrate this amazing woman who has cared for so many!
I'm grinning from ear, to ear! GOD Bless her! Her service, and dedication is what helps to keep her here; alive and working!
That's what i call success
My mom will be 95 on June 1 and she still works.
At the age of 90 & still serving I think she deserv a recognition from White House.
She looks strong for 90. Amazing!
True commitment. She's definitely a definition of a true role model for everyone. This made me shed a tear
Thank you SeeSee. I am 43 years in and 70. You give me hope for the future. :)
Make her a doctor already!
Right on, nurses! I am 90...70 of those spent in professional nursing and volunteering. I would do it all over again, bed pans and all !! 😘
God bless you. I became disabled at 37, after working as a nurse for 12 1/2 years. Cried every day for a solid year because I could no longer be a nurse. It was my passion, my calling from God, my niche. I knew I was privileged enough to be doing God's work. I'm so proud to know that you continue to serve patients, families, and most importantly, God.
Probably still paying off student loans!!!! lol
She should be invited to the White House and Honored!
If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life!
She was so busy at work she forgot to retire!
this made me cry. hehehe.
This is a person doing a job not for the money, but for truly caring for others. God Bless and thank you for all you have done.
This is the best! I cried a little. lol always do. Damn happiness fills my heart.
She stayed young and looks great because she didn't retire. I'm a firm believer that working keeps you young.
This will be my sister Carrie, she is 64 and is still a ER nurse and will never retire. She won a prestigious award this past year from the hospital she serves in. I think that is why she is so good at what she does she serves not works.
Most 90 years old are in a wheelchair. I bet the fact she still works those 2 days a week doing something she loves to do helps to keep her going.
She should have been visited by the PRESIDENT
She most def does not look 90 and I have sooo much respect for her to still be nursing for over 6 decades , she is def a dedicated nurse and must love what she does taking care of patients , comforting their families and being an inspiration to her her co-workers ! She is doing God's work on earth and truly is an angel (: god bless this woman
My dad is 75 and volunteers at the free clinic. He's a RN. He's worked the ER, dr's office, nursing home and hospice. He's retired twice :)
She is wonderful! Reminds me of my mom who was an RN for over 50 years and continued to work up until a year or so before she passed away at the age of 77. I smiled when the letter from the Gov indicated she could run circles around other nurses half her age as my mom was the same way. Loved this video. 💕
Congratulations, I just retired and I worked in the operating room for 48 yrs in total, 451/2 in my last job.. Kudos to you it is keeping you young !
Probably why she has lived so long; still being useful and helping others!
Kudos to you my friend. I am 73 with 52 yrs. in the O.R. so I know what you have accomplished but I am going to throw in the towel next year.
As a 60 year old nurse planning to attempt to retire in 1 year 4 months and 5 days I am in awe!!! And tears😍
My mom is 86 she has played organ at same church for 65 yrs!!! She is amazing!! I envy her kind!!
It's probably keeping her alive just having a purpose every day.
So much respect for the hospital allowing her to work there at that age. GOD BLESS YOU!
I work at CareerBuilder and exclusively with the Nation's healthcare organizations. We have a companywide women empowerment effort called CareerBuildHER. I'd love to be connected with any of these inspirational RNs / healthcare professionals who have been committed to patient care well into their later years. If anyone has a nomination please feel free to message me.
Thank you to all you nurses out there! You're true miracle workers and we appreciate all that you do!
This will be me. I love nursing and can never see myself retiring. This lady is a testimony to the greatness of nursing from the heart. God bless you!
I met a woman the other day who was 92 and was in better shape than me! What are these ladies eating?
Nurses have to deal with so much and still go home to take care of their families after working 60 hr weeks or more. As a police officer I have had to escort paramedics to the ER or sit on a prisoner at the hospital. Nurses have to put up with a lot of crap! Respect your public servants, they give up so much for society.
My Husband Bill has is still actively working as a R.N. For 35 yrs. in the Recovery Room 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
I ONLY HOPE WITH ALL OF MY HEART THAT I CAN FIND THE CORAGE AND LOVE IN MY HEART TO DO WHAT YOU HAVE DONE.....GOD BLESS YOU GIRL, YOU HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE IN HEAVEN BESIDE JESUS!!!!!! It is not a easy job to love others or continue to love for that many years.....I am a young nurse, struggling to be YOU!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR INSPIRATION!!!!!
She got her time in make her a honorary doctor already!
She was 20 years old when the Germans lost in WW2 😱
41 years on the job for me
My mother is 78 and is the supervisor for a home health agency 5 days a week for 5 hours it keeps her young her mind alert I love Margaret M Sherrell she continues to be my role model 😊
Jenna Honore omg I shed a tear. This is beautiful 90 and still able to do wat a lot of these lazy ass people won't do (work). God bless her and she looks great to be 90
Wen u love what you do you never work a day in ur life ☺😊
She probably know more than a dr
I wish young people everywhere would learn a lesson from this dear sweet lady! Get a job!! Nobody owes you anything - go work for it! She's 90 and still working - you're 20! Why aren't you working?

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