INSANE Wreck! RX7 Smashes Into 1100HP GT-R @ TX2K15

Racing accidents are never fun! Unfortunately, both of these TX2K racers were cuaght up in some racing carnage! I'd be pissed too! MVP Motorsports, Inc.
INSANE Wreck! RX7 Smashes Into 1100HP GT-R @ TX2K15
Published on 10/18/2017
Racing accidents are never fun! Unfortunately, both of these TX2K racers were cuaght up in some racing carnage! I'd be pissed too!
MVP Motorsports, Inc.


GTR would have been fine if he hadn't been losing.
If you cant deal with this happening, then you shouldnt be racing.
I'm just gonna guess That most the people saying they would get out swinging or better have insurance have never stepped foot on a track let alone driven a car with slicks
This GTR must have been cursed considering the same thing almost happened to him on the street the night before...
Since they both walked away, the bummer is the guy in the rx7 can find another $500 car to swap his set up in to and the GTR is out $60k
That's a part of racing!!!
That's the risk you run racing.
Instead of making sure a fellow racer is ok he reacts like a typical GtR owner.
Track racing is too dangerous for me.
You don't want to take a chance of wrecking your car don't race it.
This is why I won't line up with a "race car" in my street car - things go wrong more often in "race cars." Breaking parts, spewing fluid, coming into your lane, etc.
I'm sorry but I would be mad to if my 60k-80k car was total out by a 5k car, that 1 was beating me in race and 2 couldn't stay in his lane. But again that racing, they both rolled up to the lights
How can you be pissed off when you wreck on a race track? Don't race the bitch if you're gonna get mad. It's like dudes getting mad at cops for arresting street racers...really? You're going to get mad, that a cop is arresting you for breaking the law? Idiots, the world just gets dumber everyday.
That typical GTR owner attitude lol. Unfortunately accidents happen in racing. Instead of throwing a little bitch tantrum he shouldve gone to check on the other guy.
Looks like the Mazda just over powered his tires. Must have come on peak boost or hit another kit of nitrous. Sad for the GTR, but that is just the worst kind of attitude to have. the cars value mean nothing. If you are willing to pull up to the line, you better be willing to lose the car because anything can and will happen in racing.
Mazda drivers fault. Could have prevented all that by pulling the chutes at the sign of trouble
to jerk the car back straight.'s racing.
Another GTR headed to the scrap pile, hopefully. I think overall it was a good outcome. GTR lost and gets better GTR race has been had.
No they are not. #6195 on its first race. But they'll be back!!
So if you crash on the track even if it's not your fault you have to pay for your own car right? I've never seen an accident other than in videos so I don't know how it works
Insurance does not cover your car if you wreck at the track! As well as no warranty work done if you break at the track.
If he cant pay to fix it he shouldnt be racing it. Its that simple.
I don't think auto insurance cover racing accident.....
Too bad that happened.. I've always believed you don't race anything you can't afford to crash.
You know the risk you take in this sport, it involves everything up to and including death. You mad enough to throw your helmet bro?
Hahaha! If you can't accept these types of things happening, then you shouldn't be racing!
Trust the wanker in the rotary to lose it....what a dickhead! I'd smack his head in right there!
oh let me just race my $100,000 car and get made when i wreck it...
If you can't afford to replace it, don't race it. That's the rule. When it's go time, your job is to win and sometimes things happen. Don't line up if you can't fix your shit.
That's the risk you take in this sport. Be grateful both driver's walked away in one piece
Now what happens in this case? Because you sign off on the waiver at the track you can't go through insurance? Or is the guy in the RX-7 liable for damage he caused at the track?
This is why you never race nice things.
Haha those guys were pissed lol. slicks have no directional rigidity. When you tank slap the tire is moving all over so it just gets worse
It's reason why you dont race your daily!
You take that chance with any type of motor vehicle you race
(I grew up with racing)True racers never get mad he didn't even check to see if the other driver was ok but check this out
Only thing I would be thinking if I was the gtr driver is that piece of shit better have insurance or be ready to fight or both.
Ask mom and dad for another car....
I'm not a supra fanboy by any means but good lord that 2j is a disgusting sounding motor
Both junk anyway what's the problem ?
Rubbing is racing!
Well it's a GTR soo
Rubbing is racing!!
How does that work with the insurance? Like if the rx7 can't afford to get him a new car? Or he is going to eat it because of racing?
Daddy is gonna be mad! You wrecked another GTR!? Lol
It hurts
Anytime I've ever been to the track some old Nissan or Mazda is the problem, and this one wasn't even rotary

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