Indian Guys Try On Sarees

Indian Guys Try On Sarees
Indian Guys Try On Sarees
Published on 11/23/2017
Indian Guys Try On Sarees


That's fine if you only have one boob.. lol
"These are elegant pleats."
'This is my final form'
Lmao he said Tuck what in 😂
LOL I love their accents! Just perfect! I'm glad they learned how to dress in a saree :D
They need to be the Indian Try Guys.
I think I would be so happy around them all day listening to them 😂😂😂
Bazinga shirt and indian accent? Raj Koothrappali, is that you?
YESSSSSSS!!!! I LOVE these guys!!!!!! OMG! thank you for bringing them back! xx
yall need africans at buzzfeed forreal. Waiting for the day i see a video on sth african. you have 44+ countries to chose from. not hating on this video, im just saying.
Ugh. Videos with Indians in it are The best buzzfeed videos. And my favorites. THE ACCENTS.
"I love you mum."
These guys are great lol.
Love buzzfeed for adding more cultural videos 😊💕 I love learning about them ☺️
"Guy's I think this is my final form." Sweet DBZ reference there xD
"Basically rap yourself like a mummy" 😂
Well this informed me today... I have read several books based in Indian culture and never seen it spelled saree only sari...
"These are elegant pleats!" :')
"Guys i think this is my final form" Omg
I love saree's they're beautiful. I went to India recently and I got two.
I love the indian culture and with this video I just learned something new I didn't know this was called a saree I'm also addicted to there Bollywood movies there awesome.😊👳🏽👍🏻
This is my final form 😭😭😭😭 legend
I really want to try to wear saree
They are so adorable x3 I want an Indian friend ;-;
They have a great sense of humor
I wanna try to wear a saree!
Were the sub titles really necessary? Maybe I'm just used to the accent...
Haha that's how i am when i play with saree.
This is the best buzzfeed video EVER!!! That pleats thing is fucked up!
funny thatz Guyz wear saree .and look crazy..hahaha..
Lol! I bought one custom made for my cousins wedding she's half indian, I still have my saree and I took the time to learn how to put mine on I did pretty good for a Mexican lol!
There's a tip for us guys: " just tell me what to do"
I really like these guys ☺️
Well i kinda like womens in saree like it looks nice n beautiful :3
Aww. This is so sweet. Hell, I'm an Indian and I still don't know how to wear a saree. :3
Awesome video!! Love these guys!
hahahahhaha, lol thats fine if you only have one boob. LOL these guys are fantastic
Really surely indian paccha paccha.. Hhe😊
Want to see \the Try guys and try girls wearing a Saree now!!
The Indian try guys !! Love these guys and their sense of humor 👏🏽
Rahul Bose try this one too. HAHA 😂😂
How am I crumpling it?! These are elegant pleats! *holds up ragged ass wrinkled fabric* 😂😂
Phew! my mom doesnt wear a saree :P
I absolutely love their accents. I need an Indian friend
You should watch this before you ask me to wear saree 😝
Guys I think this is my final form
These guys are so funny! "the clutch thingies" hahaha
Now teach us how it actually is suppose to be worn because I love learning about other cultures. Sarees are very beautiful. :)

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