Iggy Who Now?!

This is [@Clariyah] - a rapper from #Melbourne, Australia - Iggy who?
Iggy Who Now?!
iggy tugba accent
Published on 08/20/2017
This is [@Clariyah] - a rapper from #Melbourne, Australia - Iggy who?


She's way better than Iggy!!
like iggy with nicki minaj :s
Sounds like every other Female rapper out right now
From Australia you say?! Loose the fake accent.
Bloody HATER!!! She's awsome n beautiful....HATERZ!!!
Nao intendi nada rsrs mas achei legal kkkkk
Sebastian Jimenez Ramรญrez ya le encontrรฉ esposa ๐Ÿ˜‚
Haha Sounds like Iggy
good job
Sounds good !
Diiamond royalty to me
Not To Good
Uall canta mt..bem..
For a min i thought that was that girl.romona gArcia lmao
Empire shoutout lol
Kaley vest
Geez we alrdy gta niki dnt need anada1 lol
Perfect ๐Ÿ˜
Awesome but why the seppo accent.
amazing *-*
was okish then she opened her mouth, get back in the kitchen
thats a natural
I will say she's very pretty but please honey learn to sing does everyone and their mother have to rap?!
Natacha Dรฉsilets Sabrina Dรฉsilets waaayyyy up i feel blessed
I agree w Eddie I'm tired of the same crap anyone got something original does anyone know what that means ? It doesn't mean that you laid some beats down n rap some stupid crap .... Ever hear of a mythical thing called a song where you actually write music play the instruments write lyrics and actually sing. Stop please
Mark Anthony Estoque Duya hahahaaaaahahahahahahaahaaha
Marรญlia Gabriela gostei dela haha
Aleksandra Jovic fucking kung
Nurul Jannah
Jade White Danielle Ayala Annabel Sue
Tugba Berk
Tugba Uzun
Tamar Kay
Lisa Turnbull
Khadija Hermza she's awesome!!!
Carley Storton
Christine Asfour Bruhh.
Chelsea Rachel Lloyd waw
Hayden Smith ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ
Mohamed Farah
Kris Simon

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