If You Introduced People Like You Introduce Your Dog

If You Introduced People Like You Introduce Your Dog
If You Introduced People Like You Introduce Your Dog
Published on 10/22/2017
If You Introduced People Like You Introduce Your Dog


"He's an asshole, but he's 12 so he's earned it" lol
"He actually just got neutered so.. He's really upset"
"He plays with kids more than adults; it's the weirdest thing.."
You should do a video on If people walked like they drove their car.
Buzzfeed please do a video for "If You Introduced Your Dog Like You Introduce People" because I totally treat my dog like a little human!
When I introduced my dog to people it's more complicated. They think she's all cute and cuddly cuz she's tiny, and when I tell them that she can and will bite them, they think I'm kidding. And then she bites them. I love my dog.
So funny, I was adopted and this just reminds me of when people would ask my mom "oh, when did you get her" haha
"He's actually an asshole, but he's 12 so he earned it"
Anyone notice that guy was wearing a Dunder Mifflin jacket
Felicia Wilson Hahaha How I introduce Ryan. . "I usually have him on a leash".. "he's a rescue" Lol
Rachelle Folker Vanessa Covarrubias-Alvarez Daniel Walkow John Sengpaseuth Kylie Paige Kelly Humpherys Bailey haha!!
HAHAHA CAREFUL RED ROCKET Nokomi Rodgerson JP Johnston
when I introduce you like this :P MarcoPolo Verduzco
"He is an asshole, but he's 12... So he's earned it!" Jackie Deter, Neel Alexander, Ali Nicole Deter, Allison McGee
Lydia Kazandjian Chunn
Traci Motes
Danielle Theriault
Ruth Maxwell Andy Black
Ahaha Shannon Samantha
Dylan Ray lmfao the last one
Cameron you're a show breed <3 :3 hahaha cx
Jason Lee 😂
Dii Chor
Kim Belpedio
Violetta Siettou
Heather Boyd
Kelsey Nagy lol
Duncan Lo Cicero
Rachel Deléglise regarde ca haha
Khiana Noel Meyer
Lilly Craft Carrie Eddie Rachel Lenz Anna Epler-Snow Eleanor Geall Leanne Gallienne Ayesha Edwards
LOL!!! Kimmie Jennifer Tina Sharon
Kairi Eden Christopher Caleb Adam
Amy Eland Louisa ✫ Briggs Sarah Camp P.j. Maroney Laura Bullock Gemma Waters
Stephen Do Kyle Pollard Sevy ChayPov Grunberg
Paige Toonen Connor Warn Claire Sinden
Cynthia Sanabria Jackie Sanabria
Caitlin McCrudden I've said so many of these about diesel hahaha
Jess Bridget Olivia
"He's an asshole, but he's 12 so he's earned it" hahahaha I died.
I just went to the ASPCA to be a foster home
And the guy was saying 99% of what they are saying to me. 😂😂
More people should think about fostering animals. We want them ready for a blended home ( other pets & children)
Now that I think of it, u never introduced ur dog to me 😯😐 Tiera Maile or u Julie Casas
Carla Arce Stephanie Lai
Samantha Bourque Ann Marie Tucker
Eloise Dodsworth Jack Daniel Packer Nick White Stephen Bailey
Hahaha Ashley Melissa Teri Marek Matthew Myers
Michaela Marie Ange Cleworth
KeJia Khoo
Bettina Micu this is how I'll introduce you to..

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