If You Grew Up In A Mexican-American Household, This Video Will Totally Ring True

If You Grew Up In A Mexican-American Household, This Video Will Totally Ring True
If You Grew Up In A Mexican-American Household, This Video Will Totally Ring True
Published on 11/24/2017
If You Grew Up In A Mexican-American Household, This Video Will Totally Ring True


Hispanic-American, come on buzzfeed we're not all Mexicans...
Yeah I'm Rican, we grew up like this too lol I can't even look at those nasty weird candies anymore lmao
This video is literally exactly what goes on in a Pakistani-American Household
Que lo muerda! Que lo muerda! Lol
Black folks too!
I'm salvadorian . I grew up like this . not just mexicans✋ buzzfeed you fucked up
I feel like this is only for mexican Americans predominantly on the west cost.
This apply in a house of a puertorican!
Just one thing: "crecistes"? C'mon!
This is a Mexican household. Not Mexican American
It might apply to all Latinos but he is talking for himself being that he is Mexican American. And I'm Mexican American and nothing applies to me except the cake thing
More like "Latin American household" not just "Mexican American household" but yea.
I guess I grew up in a mexican household
Proud Mexican American right here 💁🏻😭 💃🏻
This is a very racist video. I am Mexican American and none of these things have ever occurred. Alexandria Bibian
Why only Mexican American?
Why not Hispanics/Latinos?
There are other races out there that speak spanish you know. Did you guys not learn your geography in school?
This is just every Hispanic family not just Mexicans.
This is all Hispanics...
This is not true I think all Hispanics do this not mexicans.
I grew up in a Mexican American household and this never happened?
I mean, most of this stuff would only be in any household. Not just Mexican's... 😒😒
Lol all but the shoe happened to me, and I didn't even know I was Mexican 😂😂
Eliu Lilly Erica Raquel Karina Oscar Karen Ana Hispanic households
More like every Hispanic family, they need to stop labeling them as just Mexican, geez. Lol. Caroline
Perks of being Mexican
This video is for every cultured household except white haha. White people lose this time!
I'm mexican and none of this shit Happend in my household. 😒
Honestly, the person who spoke on this video just massacred the Spanish language. Not to be mean, but if you want to make a video in Spanish, make sure it's at least well spoken.
Same exact thing with my household. Except the Spanish speaking.
Carmen Espino basically a brown family
I do say "eeeeyyy" and I can talk with a Mexican accent, and I love tamales and almost all Mexican food, and my girlfriend is Mexican, so Im an honorary member :) Winston Diep Sonia Rivera Soval Louis Nubia Rodriguez Matthew Benitez Julian Padilla
Dulce Tapia Francisco Lara Chavez Sophie Enno Jorge Jesus Zavala Osiris Bardales
I didn't know I grew up in a *Hispanic American* house hold
The so racist yea so what if most Mexicans do that but I see other races do that to
Leanna Perkins so we technically count right? we grew up like this HAHAHA
Puerto Ricans also do this. LOL.
Boutta tag all the beanz Diana Sandro Sandra P Ivan G Juan
How about Hispanic Americans
see!!! people bite the cake!! im not just making it up!!! Tenisha Deed Jackylene Gutierrez Carolyn Wong Alexiz Valdez Sarah Smith Nickolaus Kirkpatrick
Jayy Martinez Marco Mata Francisco Mata Rosy Leon Maria NJuan ArroyoRodriguez El Pinche Bato
Maida IsabelScott Elpooh MartinezLeo FloresFrancisco TheGoldenknight MirandaNoel F. ResendezHazel MartinezEbelinda Lugo
Julian Padilla Sonia Rivera Soval Louis Melvin Valencia Nubia Rodriguez Matthew Benitez lolololol is this true (sorry melvin I know you're not mexican but still)
I'm not mexican but I Grew up in New Mexico and same shit happened to me lol
And I thought this happens only in Cyprus! Well, how do you know? The world is just a small neighborhood after all! ^^
I think this is for all Hispanics not just Mexicans hahaha
Andii Dorisita Kathy Kimberly Abigail Andres Peter LMAOOO 😂😂😂
Half of this is just having a big family.
Jessica Yepez Juan Yepez Illy Trejo Stephanie Rocío Cati Alcaraz
Yesenia MaciasMojica Griselda Mojica AlexDavalos Valeria Mojica Vanessa Arana Jimenez Salvador Cedillo
This is accurate for about every Hispanic race.

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