If you drink Monster, you are drinking the devil !

If you drink Monster, you are drinking the devil ! Like and Share Golden Vine Videos
If you drink Monster, you are drinking the devil !
Published on 11/24/2017
If you drink Monster, you are drinking the devil !
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When over thinking goes wrong
If you drink redbull, you are drinking a bull
I'm going to go buy a Monster now.
omg!! who the hell cares?!!!!
I started watching this video with 12 fucks. I finished watching the video with a dozen fucks
I see her side...but I think a lot of you are ignorant for being so disrespectful about her having her opinion. This is America and it would be a way better place if we would all wake the fuck up
Bullshit. When you are obsessed, you find everywhere devils
i dont give 1 fuck 2 fucks red fucks blue fucks
what the hell has she been drinking is the real question
Instead of drinking monster drink red bull. Problem solved
In all actuality a upside down cross is a symbol of respect for Christ. Saint Paul was condemned to be crucified . Instead of being crucified right side up like Christ he asked to be crucified upside down out of respect for christ's sacrifice. .
Who the fuck cares quit tryn to shove God into everyone life, I mean seriously the time she had to put into this
When you are drinking coffee, you are drinking coffee.
These comments are so ignorant.
She is RIGHT
I guess I'm part of the devil then hahahaha Alma Martinez Ana Santos Ivonnee M Marlenee
Who gives a fuck. Like for real
Wendy Ha. Wtf to much time on her hand
Ando Larousse
B*tch, you're crazy!
Lol pendejas no mamen Lisa Pineda Ana Santos
Sokol 666 Monster energy drink
Arthur Christina Dennis Olga Anikan Krass
Joëlle Berkelmans Goya Joncheere
Sam Shaw Matty Shaw Katie Shaw Tracey Shaw Debbie Ann Elizabeth Taylor check out the evil on this hahaha maybe it's just a drink for those who worship evil, maybe it's a drink to make you evil who the fuck knows for sure? All I know is shit just gets more n more fucked up hahah
Katy Shuttleworth, Stevie Martin :o
Krishan, Fawaz,, this is worse than the English teacher thing... Viren,...illuminati?
Nathan Rowlands Jannon Murray
Jaime Holguin Marlene Chavez
All you people are crazy and so stupid
Get the Fuck over yourselves... It's an energy drink... Smh...
Tom Frost she took some craze before looking at that monster can
do you know what a milf is hahahahah got me dying
Almir Tursunović Fejzo Tursunovic ajmo pit malo sejtana buahahahahah
Michelle, I knew you're evil :3
I have seen this before Jason Rich. We don't fight against flesh and blood. Satan is the ruler of this earth but God is in control. Just imagine what else satan uses. Music, tv, food, movies, musicians, idols ect
Rolide Bliksem
Tess Brewer
Timothy Callahan Michael Dudek you should be ashamed of yourselves lmao
Daniel Parscal lol stop drinking it
I want to slap her so hard
Dennis Goodman
Sinead O'Rourke (from christine) drinking the devil #badass
Hahahhaa BULLSHIT- _-
Mike Miranda Adrian Wolf
Jose.. You anti Christ you... Jebus hates you. .. Right, Brian?
doesn't she has grand kids to babysit ?
i love drinking satin then
Sean Pritchard Elijah Caron Jessica Clink Karlee Bingham Samuel Michael Fleury Brianna Brannam Dana Allen Pritchard Karenda Caron

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